• She has parents somewhere or did or she would not have been born Why would that even be a consideration. Are you judging her on her parents?
  • If you love that person, yes.
  • Sure, if you can find one. At least you'll never have to deal with inlaws. In general, however, human beings tend to have two parents. It's kind of a biological reality. Now, they might be bad parents or absent parents or neglectful parents, but they still exist. But if you can find a girl who has no parent, by all means get married. Just be prepared for the clerk of court to give you some grief about trying to marry your imaginary friend.
  • Whether or not she has no parents should not be an issue at all if you love her.
  • I don't see how that would matter. Wait... did her parent die or did she have no parent ever? Was she a clone?
  • Unless this woman claims to have dropped in from outer space, or claims to be the result of a lab experiment, then I can't imagine why you shouldn't marry her. She's likely had a long history of heartbreak and disappointment. If you're in love with her and she with you, then you don't want to be just another disappointment.
  • Why not?
  • that shouldnt affect your decision at all, i dont have parents myself, dont let that stop you
  • Nobody should marry a girl. You should marry a woman and it doesnt matter if she has parents or not. What country are you in? Because the ones I'm familiar with have no such restrictions.
  • if you love her enough i would, she cant help it if she dont have parents

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