• Was he asked if he believes in gay marriage? What was his answer?
  • I don't think he's gay. There was a report on Idol, where the trend is that people who are Christian and moral usually win the title. Not saying Adam Lambert isn't, but Kris Allen is Christian and married.
  • I doubt it
  • I don't think so. I actually think that people felt that no matter what, Adam would get a deal so they voted for Kris to give him a chance.
  • What gives you that idea? I think Kris won because the majority of those who voted for Danny would vote for Kris, as Danny is a church music director and Kris is a church worship leader. See the picture? +3
  • Sometimes I think so, yes. It has to be the only reason, I mean...he has way more talent than Kris. He was always a front runner as well and everyone almost saw him winning...why he didn't...I don't know.
  • I think it was a combination of Vote For The Worst, christian biggots, homophobics. and typical american teenagers.
  • maybe his title, but not his career. many people who arent winners still succeed in the business.
  • Nope--the extended voting period was the culprit--gave us Arkies more time to be, being a resident of Conway, Kris is good but he is way, way out of Adam's league--Adam should have won.
  • I heard there were parties in Conway where people got together and cast thousands of votes.Didn`t they say a record was broken on the amount of votes?Arkansas has been down rated so much that it sometimes brings people together.And in a small town there can be alot of family and friends and friends of family....But my main thought is that Adam had the best voice,but sometimes a song needs something besides that.Kris may not have the best range but he delivered his own style to make a song better than before...They will both be famous for a long time hopefully.I`d buy bought CDs.They are both winners,but in different ways.Sorry I can`t explain it better.
  • Not that I know of , I think his personality was to quiet
  • I doubt it. It's not like he was mr macho until the last night and the suddenly came out the closet.
  • Isn't it interesting that Kris didn't win because he was good and people voted for him. Everyone has to tarnish his win by saying it was a faulty win. can't anyone just be happy for him. How would you feel if that was you and everyone downgraded your win for some un-knowable reason?
  • Nah.. I was the southerners and Gokey. I hate Gokey.
  • I don't think so. I think its because the voters wanted an American Idol that they could actually sit and listen to their CD. I know that personally I could get through one and a half of Adam's songs before I just couldn't take his voice any longer. I think Kris was more "cookie-cutter" pop star and thats what the voters wanted. I don't think sexuality had anything to do with it.
  • I don't think so.
  • No. The judges were in the tank for him, and America knew it. They purposefully voted for Kris Allen to give the guy who grew the most througout the competition the title instead of the odds on favorite since hollywood week.

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