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  • You just do because you have no choice really. Time and patience with yourself.
  • Stay away from them, and let time heal you. That is the ONLY way.
  • find someone who is hotter than them lol
  • Time will be the only help there.
  • You have to keep reminding yourself that if they reject you, they're not worthy of your love and attention.
  • distract yourself with things you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with him, and really time will eventually just phase him out and he'll merely be a second thought, then third and so forth until you realize you don't even think about him anymore.
  • Good point!! I need to stay away... I'm so confused!!! We have so much fun together as friends but when I've tried taking it up a level he ignores me. He told me 5 months ago that he was interested in me but never did anything about it. When we spend time together I feel that he oversteps the boundaries of just being friends bc he is always staring at me and trying to touch me (whether it's poking me, touching my arm, nudging my foot with his, playing with my hair, etc.). I know for a fact he isn't a player. I thought that he is just inexperienced bc he said he's only dated 2 other people but yet he is unwilling to move past friends. I have fallen for him bc he is just so easy and funny to be around. When we are together he acts like I'm the only other person in the room and acts like a mother hen- very concerned. I know a relationship would be amazing but unfortunately he doesn't want to take the risk to try it. So, I'll forever be his friend/sister and try to stay away...
  • Erase them completely from your life. Pictures of them, letters, presents they gave you, all of it. They didn't want what you had to give, and that is their loss. Try to start dating again. This has helped me, and remember, time really does heal all wounds. I know this sounds cliche, but it does.
  • Give him the space to miss you. If he likes you he'll come looking for you. You need to develop your own interests, be with your friends and try to take an interest in something new. One day you'll realize it doesn't hurt anymore, but you cna't rush this. Take it easy, someone who really loves you will just happen along one day when you least expect it!
  • I understand how you feel, my serious boyfriend of three years wants nothing to do with me, I did not do anything to him, he just snapped, he asked me"why do you love me so much?" it just broke my heart.
  • That will take so much time and energy..You have to focus on other things...Take a vacation if you can, walk along the beach to clear your head..Thats a hard one, when you love so much and the other doesn't..I am so sorry..

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