• Step 1: Determine, using various sources( who's name I will not disclouse), what your supposed evil plan is. Step 2: Determine if there exists electronic means to foil your supposed 'evil plan,' since I happen to have the power of JAVA. Step 3: If I do discover that I can use the hammer of JAVA to squelch your plan, then I will do so. Alternative step 3: If I find out that I can not use the hammer of JAVA to squash your dasterdly plan, then I will try to see if I could contact some individuals who would be able to put an end to your plot by any means nessacary, preferably nonviolent. IIf the above does not work, then I will ask you directly: "what is your evil plot." Then, if you decide to be candid in your answer, I will try to negotiate with you. And, since I am also in the possession of moral reasoning, I may be able to stop your plot, just as I would catch a glass falling from a table.
  • send my best agents to go kick some ass... or get captured you will tell me your plan and then i will totally escape and foil your plan.. i say we still have a shot in tv or movies if you want this feud to keep going lol
  • Bullet in the head
  • Offer you lots of good coffee. :-)
  • Slap you upside yo head is what i be done did. All upside yo head n-airy thang...cause you be way trippin...boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....all ova mean?
  • Nothing in fact i will help you I don't play for keeps; I don't play for your soul I don't play to win; I don't play for it all I play for blood
  • Why would I want to stop it? If anything, do you need a hand?

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