• Its close but "all" drunk drivers are dangerous. Only "some" old people are.
  • Some seem to be in their own world don't they? If I ever get to that state I hope nobody lets me drive.
  • Alot of people in Australia think so, after what happened to Sophie. First driver was 68 years old the second was 80 years old.
  • Came to red light one day. waiting behind one car ahead of me. light went through two cycles and the vehicle in front, still had not moved. approached driver. discovered elderly woman that appeared to be dazed. I ask her several questions. her answers lacked meaning. i then looked at ther drivers license and discovered see whas 89 years old. Ran license plate for registration. called drivers daughter to my location. daughter took grandmothers drivers license and her car keys to be used never again. Elderly drivers are in a minority, but that does not mean that they are safe drivers. This elderly lady should never have been behind the wheel of an automobile. She was not a reckless driver, she wasn't driving at all.
  • I don't think it is true!
  • It is just you because it is a fact that elder driovers are the safest and obay the rules better than anybody else. On 60 Minutes they watched a woman 95 drive and she did not break any laws or hold up traffic, but at the same time the people driving around her were breaking all the laws of the road.
  • That depends. I've seen many a young driver that was far more dangerous than my 96 year old grandmother. I've driven with her, and she actually drives better now than when she was 60, because she was a speed demon then and she's slowed down to normal speed. Aging is an individual process. Some people begin to deteriorate in their forties and some are fine up into their eighties and nineties. That is why I don't support an age cut-off for drivers. I'd much rather see every driver have to take a rigorous driving test every time they renew their license. I suspect some 20 year old wouldn't be able to pass. But yes, some folks do deteriorate to the point of being worse than a drunk. That would include the 84 year old who side-swiped two cars and rear ended me two years ago, because she didn't see a car in her blind spot and then panicked and hit the gas instead of the brake.
  • Studies have shown the most of the elderly drivers are very careful and are good drivers. A lot more accidents involve some kind of drug than an elderly confused driver. There are lots of statistics on the use of drugs and alcohol and accidents. AK First Blitz had it right in his/her answer.
  • Depends on how bad the elderly is and how drunk the drunk is amoung other variables.
  • Welcome to Freaking Florida! It's even better when they can't even see over the steering wheel and go like 20 mph in the fast lane on the express way.
  • If it bugs you, don't drive.
  • I would think it depends on how drunk the elderly driver is!!! LMAO! But seriously, I think the elderly are or can tend to cause traffic troubles. But I think drunk drivers are worse. Everyone that drinks and drives has the potential to kill anyone. I don't know......that is a tough one! Thanks though. +5
  • Perhaps it's a matter of how old and how drunk.
  • Sometimes - I've seen some real "WTF?" kind of drivers before so....
  • Fact is there are a plenty bad drivers, regardless of age or being drunk. If the same drivers are drunk or older it's just worse, that's it.
  • there should be an age limit of a drivers liscense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yes in some cases they are worse. I believe there should be retesting at a certian age. Because as you get older your reflexes diminish, your eyesight gets worse and you have trouble paying attention. For all those reasons the elderly should be retested for the safety of themselves and the other drivers.
  • Drivers should not even half a small drink then drive. The number your allowed on a breath test here is 35 The man who killed my best friend was at level 36 So to me that you shouldnt have 1 Mind some elderly drivers scare hell out of me but so do some young
  • I stopped to let an old man who could hardly walk cross the road yesterday it took him ages to hobble across then he hopped into his car to drive off!!! My sister saw an old fella she knows, he's around 90 stopped at a round about before looking for side to side wonderin which way to go around, in the end he took a gamble, and he went the wrong way!! But I dont think you can generalise and call all old people bad drivers. Its like saying all young men are boy racers.
  • The DRUNK drivers are WORSE than the elderly drivers ... Don't get me wrong; some of the older drivers give me a scare also ... BUT; in the long run , I believe Drunk Drivers are WPRSE of a problem ... and; they drive drunk on purpose ...
  • As far as I know, many states have imposed testing of elderly drivers. The age that the testing is imposed varies from state to state. There are tiers in auto insurance policies as well. Notice your policy will give discount if males are over a certain age, and under a certain age. Discounts may be applicable to those who take 'senior' driving courses, often offered by slick commercial groups like AARP (they are really jerks). I used to think that old people should not be allowed to drive. Tell me this: if you get older and are not allowed to drive, how are you supposed to get around? Perhaps by asking your younger family members to take you there (like that is going to happen). This would be discrimination and that sucks. Look out, it won't be all that long (maybe 7 years or so) before I am considered a SENIOR and if you try to take away my driving rights, I'll kick your butt.
  • I live in Sun City and while they are bad drivers, they are not as bad as drunk drivers because they usually go slow!
  • Nah. I don't think so. Older drivers are just slower and annoying. That is just not near as bad as erratic and dangerous. Just imagine a ticked off, senile, drunk senior citizen on the road, who may have any number of other physical or mental problems. Count your blessings!
  • Hmm... I would say the the stereotypical, generalized elderly driver would be a lot more similar to someone driving high -- over cautious, slow, confused, forgetful...

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