• There was a period of a few weeks when I thought I might not ever have children, and they were some of the worst days of my life. Why did I want children? Because it is wired into every human to want to continue their line, has been since creation. But on a personal level, I came from a large clannish family, where there were always children around, cousins to play with, cousins friends to meet. Why would I not want to wish such happiness on a child? Why wouldn't I want kids? Only if I knew that I carried something that might harm a child eg haemophilia, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, or HIV/AIDS/Hepatitis.
  • I've weighed the pros and cons, and have found the pros are not nearly as guaranteed as the cons. And one is particularly double-edged! Pros: Have someone to take care of me (a maybe) Opens my heart (greater ability to love) Have something who is cute that I can dress up (more fun, if girl; but that's just selfish) Have another friend Cons: Physical pain PPD thyroid problems worsen acute scoliosis lose sleep opens my heart (greater chance of being hurt) financial problems (I already have a lot) taking care of child may make me lose friends I have disabilities, and it would be unwise for my to try to take care of a child when I can not take care of myself harder to date (who wants a single mother?)
  • I like kids,but never had any desire to have them.I have no maternal instinct whatsoever.
  • I can only think that they must never have met any.
  • Having had 6 I can say I couldn't live without them for all their problems
  • They stay crunchy even in milk.
  • It's a women's biological need to want to be a mom. After holding my precious son in my arms I can tell you that It's the most awesome feeling in the world. Even being pregnant was awesome..knowing that someone like me could carry such an awesome thing as a human. There is nothing wrong with not wanting kids. some people are not cut out to be parents. Some people who are parents.. don't need to be.. not judging..just stating a fact. Children are hard work and even with all the problems my son had (disability) I never regret one day the decision to carry and give birth to him.
  • Before remote they would change the channel on tv.?
  • my son is in his terrible twos and even on his worst days his adorable outweighs his terrible... that being said, were I to adopt I would only adopt an infant or 8+ who's behavior was known. I have seen children who because of their upbringing I could not love unless they changed their behavior. . I wish your myspace wasn't set to private, your avatar looks to be a beautiful face and I wish I could see a better picture.
  • I have four, and wouldn't trade it for the world. When I get home from a long day's work, 3 of them yell "DADDY!" and run to me and hug me.. the fourth one gurgles and smiles. Yeah, that's worth it.
  • I wouldn't want kids because I simply hate them.
  • i wouldn't want kids! not in this day and age. Most children of today are just plain rude and need disapline!!!
  • I don't want kids because I'm too busy raising myself.
  • Im only 26, so my mind could change. But...I don't want children. Because suddenly, it seems that you have to give your life up, & it becomes apparent that it's no longer "me, me, me" it's "them, them, them"
  • children eventually grow up and become confident adults. often children take care of parents when the parents get old. some people like to live alone. they dont have time or interest for children. life can be more fluid without children. if you are rich, its easy to have kids. just send them to boarding school.
  • I don't hate kids, I just have always known (since grade school, believe it or not) that I am not "mom material." I like being and aunt. Besides, I'm now in my mid 40s and I've had a hysterectomy.

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