• The current judicial system apparently thinks so
  • in this generation and time it seems so,unless a breakthrough happen s globally..
  • I would say ...Yes!, its been proven time and time again that if you have money you have a hell of a lot better chance of winning a court case than if you don't have money .
  • Lets see how Conrad Black makes out with his appeal. That will be the answer.
  • unfortunately that is very true in certain situations
  • I believe that can be true in some cases but it wouldn't work if the money doesn't mean anything to the person.
  • inv +6 It worked for O.J. and Robert Blake.
  • It is true to the extent that a good lawyer increases your chances of getting away with, well, murder. . But it isn't the only factor, there is also evidence, an impartial jury, a judge who should have his eye on what is and isn't legit in his courtroom, witnesses, etc. . Another way to look at it is that it is an improvement over the old-fashioned way where the rich guy just handed the money directly to the judge to get his acquittal.
  • How else would you explain OJ Simpson cutting off the head of his wife and her lover and getting away with it? Or "Magic" Johnson "magical" recovery from being diagnosed as HIV positive, but now "Today, Magic Johnson’s HIV viral load is undetectable in his blood stream." With due respect to Mr. Johnson, he suffered dearly for his situation and he's no murderer to the best of my knowledge, but by the same token he didn't contract his condition through a clean and moral lifestyle. Justice might be blind, I seriously doubt it, but it sure as hell is a greedy motherf*cker
  • I don't believe it's the ONLY way, but it is definitely one of the ways :).

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