• Drop them like a hot potato. Talk is cheap and actions speak much louder than words. Until or unless they are prepared to prove otherwise treat them exactly as they treat you. Like crap. I'm 50 and keep very few friends because i have learned over the years that most people will treat you like crap as long as you allow it. Once you stop allowing it life gets much simpler. ;)
  • If they do NOT respond ... after the 2nd TRY ... I do NOT contact them anymore as they are NOT really a FRIEND to begin with .
  • Yep that was my life and I decided to wait and let them contact me to see just how important I really was to them. I learned I was only important when they needed something or help. Although I miss them. I feel happier knowing that I no longer have what I call users as so called friends.
  • some people don't have the social skills to maintain it lipservice and following through are two different things...some people are just unmotivated or lazy.
  • Not everyone likes the phone and not everyone checks their e-mail all the time.
  • True friendship is mutually rewarding.
  • i had the same kind of problem, i ended up dropping them.
  • I'm in the same situation at the mo. I am trying so had to keep us as friends and seem to be doing all the hard work. When I say enough is enough they seem to respond and tease me a bit more then start ignoring me again.I guess I will end up loosing them but deep down I guess I already have but won't admit it. I keep looking back on all the fun we had when we were good friends and hope they are too but I don't think they are and maybe they have moved on where as I am struggling to do so.Be strong and call their bluff and if it all goes wrong then we know where we are.
  • Most of the answers i have read are all about dropping the friend and moving on. But sometimes, a frienship is worth that struggle of keeping in touch. It all depends on the friend i guess

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