• I've used both a slimjim and a have a hook on the end going into the door to either push or pull the rod connecting the handle to the lock assembly.....
  • I'll assume you meant without. I don't think a locksmith service would do anything for you, anyway. A roadside assistance company would, though. But if you don't want to call anyone, try a paperclip.. depending on the type of lock, it may or may not work. Just bend one side straight and try wiggling it around inside. Some locks just have a pushbutton, so anything that fits inside and has enough strength to push a piece of metal can unlock it. Others actually require the lock to turn.
  • call your s/o and tell them to bring the spare. if not call a towing company i locked myself out with the car running called them and they had me in my car and on my way to work in 25 min and only $45 later it took him 1 minute to break in i tried myself for 15 mins and scratched the paint at the top of the door so from now on i leave it to the professionals unless it's a old car and easy to break in
  • 2 other ways I know of, break a small window that lets you reach the door latch, maybe the passangers side or call the local police using the non emergency number and see if they can help.
  • Most newer cars today it is quite difficult to open a locked car door. some cannot be opened by the front doors and have to go through the back doors. If you don't know what you are doing you can do a lot of damage before you get the door open.

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