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  • better yet tell him you'll talk to a friend about a 3-some. Your friend turns you down, but only after the picture.
  • Yes sooooooooo bad as he should love to share himself with you and want to be a part of your life. I would if my partner asked without question.
  • Ummm... it depends. Because most likely he will want to sleep with you if he hasn't done so yet. Unless he is a good guy and will not take advantage of you that way, like mine. I would just tell him it would mean a lot to you... that might work better.
  • hes probably a vampire and he knows he wont show up when you take it
  • You simply tell him that your mom wants a picture of the two of you together ... and; that HE needs to set aside his dislike for having his picture taken and get this done ..... IF he really cares about and loves you ; he will do it willingly ...
  • Ask your mom whats she thinks.
  • Does he expect to magically one day no longer fear getting his picture taken? He needs to understand that like any skill, it takes practise. With time he'll grow more comfortable with the camera. One day he's going to look back and wish he had more pictures of himself when he was young.
  • It would be stupid and degrading. If he is intent on being ornery and not doing the ordinary things that people do in a relationship, let him be that way. And understand that there are lots of fish in the sea and you deserve to have a partner who is willing to behave like one.
  • He's your boyfriend? Not just a friend? Sounds weird to me... Who wouldn't want a least one picture together with their girlfriend...??? Is he not wanting you to have any evidence against him when you find out about his other women or something? No picture, he can deny... lol... Maybe he's on to something here...
  • Why does he hate getting his picture taken-afraid th Marshalls will see it and recognize him? If he's not willing to do something he dislikes (like eating turnip greens) to help you make your parents happy he might not be for you. Tell him what I just said and point out that a relationship involves sacrifice-especially on something this minor that doesn't involve morals, ideals or money.
  • Tell him that you and him can set up a tripod and camera and do the pitures yourselves in private. He'll have complete control of all pictures by deleting the ones he doesn't want. He can even enhance the picture on the computer. Have you ever found out why your bf is so against having his picture taken? Is he really that private, or is he hiding something and doesn't want to be traced back to a 'picture'?

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