• The Chief is rather amazing in that regard.
  • And he owes me like 40 dollars - That bum
  • I think Chief is just all around amazing!
  • Yeah, it's pretty amazing. Congratulations, Chief. Woo - Hoo!!
  • Well, that's amazing, yes.
  • Chief Wanbli is just an amazing person and I'm glad to be able to call him my friend.
  • Yes, it is quite amazing. Let's see: "Member Since: Oct 14, 2007 Last Seen: May 16, 2009" "Points: 437338" "Questions: 1028 61831 99% Answers: 14941 193818 99% Comments: 20705 Moderation: 35500 178685 98% 100% + ratings given" Source and further information: He collected 437338 points in 580 days, this makes an average of 754 points per day (or 5278 points a week). Particularly noticeable is his huge amount of moderations. Aaccording to the last week most points leader board, he received 16540 points last week: Most of those points (13390) were moderation points: He becomes in average: 60.15 points/question 12.97 points/answer Those average quotes are very high As a comparison, I only get: 12.97 points/question 4.27 points/answer I asked a little less questions, gave somewhat more answers, but I made much less moderations.
  • Chief Wanbli is a pretty amazing guy with a very informative profile page, which I refer new members to frequently.
  • How many points did I earn today?
  • Amazing, no... Interesting, yeah...
  • Yeah, I don't get it. Good for him, I mean, but it isn't like he asks or answers the most questions every week, either. I just don't get it. Oh, we-el. I'll just forever be a scrub!
  • He either gets no sleep or has many friends. I'm happy when he answers one of my questions. Yes, he does amaze me.

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