• what gives you that idea? here is a list of what us Americans consider harsh, rude, fowl language or unintelligent...curse words. fuck shit cock cunt bitch shit nigger in some instances "damn" piss pussy dick asshole prick twat faggot so....there is your lesson on American views of what rude fowl language is....perhaps you will consider a better source of info next time.
  • ok, this is the 3rd time Ive had to type this, keeps givin me an error, so ill keep it short this time.... "Latrine"=a french term used in camps for toilet. "can"=a term used in the early settlement days (cowboys) when they imprisoned a criminal, they were supplied bread, water, and a "can" to piss in. "restroom"=a room made originally for resting at work for break, then someone had the idea of adding a toilet, and keep the name...(thats a rough description but ohh well) "John"=Taken from the name Sir John Harrington, inventor of the flushable toilet, hence the term "John". hope that helps.
  • ohh, btw, sorry I came off so short. but im not sure why you thought that about Americans, seemed like an odd generalisation to me.

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