• Sadly-You would probably be robbed !
  • Nothing. Since everyone knows that I'm a sword/knife fanatic.
  • All homes in the Uk are supposed to be gun free I am pleased to say. The right to bear arms is an absolute abomination.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Yeah, I know. It makes all those countries that you used to once rule, actually be able to fight back.
  • I think that largely depends what state you live in.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary. Most robberies happen when the occupants are out of the house. On the other hand, if someone does break in during the night, they're less likely to shoot the first thing that moves.
  • I don't believe people should bring guns onto other people's property without declaring it. So I would not have a problem with such a sign. [Edit] I wouldn't actually put a sign like that up in front of my house though. I agree with the idea of a gun-free home though.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Would the guy robbing your house at night have to declare his possessing a gun first also?
  • I would say well done for being different and not following the rest of the crowd like sheep. You are more likely to be killed if you pull a gun on someone compared to not pulling a gun on them. Most burglaries take place when the house is unoccupied and the person does not want a confrontation. It's not worth losing you life over a tv or stereo or computer, they can be replaced, you can't. It is no longer 1776 and this right to bear arms is continuing to be pushed forward by right wing groups, the Republican Party and the NRA. And there will be more shootings in schools with more innocent lives lost. Canadians have more guns but their gun crime is much less, why is that?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      It's the culture, not the tools. There are laws against killing people, but that doesn't stop murder, does it? Why would another gun law work any better?
  • It would attract the attention of evildoers. While they may well have ignored your home before, this would act as an invitation to come rob you.
  • Well I'd say it would be an open invitation for a criminal. "Rape Here"
  • First, I would never post such a sign. Second, if I did, I'd have to also post, "but I have a deadly pitch fork."
  • I'd get in line for the free Guns. LOL Seriously, You'd get Robbed. Unless you had one of me.
  • In the U.S. there would be several different reactions: Some might consider you as lacking common sense, or maybe a tad nuts, to announce such a conditon. Some might think you're just on a politically motivated anti-gun mission, which they may or may not view with admiration. A burglar might be confused, wondering whether or not you are just stupid or lying. Worried, he'll move on to another house with no signs. :-) +5
  • The men in white coats driving a white ambulance would come and get me. The would invite me to wear a straight jacket for the trip to the Mental Hospital. This State just enacted a concealed carry law and told cities they cannot prohibit concealed carry. It would create a stir and comment in our area.
  • I would probably be on the 6 O'clock news.I actually have a gun free home and would never allow someone with a weapon into my house.
  • What you should do, is post it next to an open window, enticing criminals in, but the first thing they see when they roll into the room is a new sign saying "only joking" and you standing next to it with a fully loaded shotgun. :D
  • Somebody would shoot the sign.
  • Somebody would use it for target practice. Why don't you just put a sign in front that says, please come in and take all my stuff, I don't own any guns or weapons and I'm an easy mark!
  • My house has been burglarized 3 times and I've never had any such sign in front of my home. Most burglars will avoid an occupied house regardless of whether they think there are guns in it. Actually, the potential availability of guns in an unoccupied home might make a more enticing target to some burglars. I think my last statement might also apply to home-invasion robbers if they think that they have the drop on the occupants. If a criminal doesn't see any such sign in front of a home, I don't think it assumes that there are people inside with deadly weapons aimed at all possible entrances.
  • it might get taken down since i live in an apt building
  • What would happen? Very likely nothing, most do not care what one in 7.5 billion do as long as it does affect them. Now, advocate for, or against the possession of guns if you want something to happen.
  • i wouldnt do that, if people know you dont have a gun it might make it easier for them to rob your place with a gun
  • Nothing, thieves would think it's a set-up.
    • Azlotto
      Good answer. Thanks.

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