• one third, one fourth, one fifth, one sixth,three fourths, one half
  • You can use the Extended ASCII table ALT+171 to get ½
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  • Some ACSII codes from slevin01: If the fraction you are looking for is not available, you can't write it properly in email. You have to either write them in full English or use the forward-slash key to denote division: Half = 1/2 One third = 1/3 5 64th's = 5/64 Alternatively you can use graphics to insert your fractions.
  • Using the Alt key (hold down) and then 0189 on the numeric keypad (not the number keys above the letters) will produce ½
  • You could write them as a decimal like (.75) (.50) or as a percentage (25%, 50%). They also can be written out (one third). You can go into the Character Map section for the fractions (Start-All Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Character Maps-Choose the character you need and copy.
  • 0.5 or just .5
  • The alt+171 WILL display a single character 1/2 ... on a Windows machine. You can use alt+172 to show 1/4, too... on a Windows machine. BUT, if you are sending your message to someone who is using a Macintosh or who is using a Windows machine with some other character set, you're better off using 1/2 or one-half or 0.5. All operating systems and Western character sets will display those correctly. Characters in the extended ASCII table are NOT standard across platforms, operating systems, fonts, or character sets. Your single-character 1/2 may take on a whole new, unintended, meaning.

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