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  • Next time they ask you to do something you wait till the last minute to change your mind so they can see how it feels.
  • No, it's not wrong to be upset by this type of inconsiderate behaviour. Unless they are changing plans due to reasons beyond their control (such as a family illness or other emergency), you have the right expect them to live up to their decisions. Which plans have been changed? vacation plans? What reason are they giving for the changes?
  • I think it is not wrong to be upset at all. It is rude and inconsiderate to be changing plans like this for anything short of unavoidable change of cicrumstances. However, many people just don't see the problem in changing plans (being late too, for that matter). With people like this, I have found that short of telling them you are upset and you expect more from them there really is not a lot you can do. You just have to wait for them to realise for themself it is wrong. They will just keep doing it until this happens. I read your comment, I don't see what you can do. I don't think getting even by missing plans yourself to show them the error of their ways will work. All you can do is not put yourself out to keep to, or arrange, plans with them. That should minimise the inconvenience to yourself.
  • Play them at their own game and see what the reaction is
  • You are not wrong to be upset. I would be upset if someone changed plans on me at the last minute. As a matter of fact, I would be furious. If you have already tried talking to this person then he is not worth your time. I would find someone else who would treat me with respect and would not ditch me at the last minute.
  • you are not wrong to be upset but why would you keep making plans with this person? they have shown you that they cannot be counted, if it is important to you for things to go off as planned, simply do not make plans with this person...look to others you can count on. you may never get this person to understand but you can chose to change your expectations of this person
  • well, someone did it to me over about 3 months and I just said 'hey if you dont wanna hang out, don't get me all excited and lead me on, just tell me.'

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