• Years and years and years ago. I think it's (rightly) gotten a reputation for being an unsafe preoccupation.
  • I see them all the time...Pssst buy I think they maybe hooker's!
  • every single day :)
  • It's been months. I think it is illegal in a lot of places. As well as inadvisable.
  • Many, many years. My friend and I hitched all over the country for a year in 1971. Wouldn't think of it now
  • I think the last time I saw one was 1994.
  • Actually, I just saw 2 of them as I was getting on the highway about a month ago.
  • This morning on a milk carton.
  • I have seen a few over the years but not like they use to be. I think in Montana at least, hitchhiking is illegal on the Interstates. So they sit at the entrance to the on ramps and try to hitch a ride. But with that, not a lot of people would pick one up. I know I would NEVER consider picking one up. Not now days! Good question!! +5
  • I saw one the other day, he looked a little rough and I remember thinking he'll be out there for a long time before he gets a ride.
  • I don't see hitchhikers that often anymore either, but I did see one guy (an aboriginal native Indian) hitchhiking along a freeway near the highway. It still happens, though not commonly anymore, because of the risks.
  • Wow....haven't seen one in probably 8 years....
  • today on my way to work, the guy in front of me picked him up
  • It has certainly been a while, but not years.
  • I don't see as many as I used to. Too many horror movies may be?
  • Around two weeks ago. I was leaving my girlfriends and saw an old man probebly around 70 - 80 years old with a car battery under his arm and some form of engine belt in a bag, his thumb was out so i decided to give him a lift. The man ended up trying to get to a different town around half an hours drive in the opposite direction from what i was going. His camper he lives in had broken down. But i decided to take him anyway. He insisted i shouldnt drive him if i wasn't going his way, but i told him a white lie that i live further past there to keep him at peace. This was a very fulfilling experience and left me feeling as though i had done a good deed.
  • About 2 weeks ago out in the middle of nowhere in the country on the top of an overpass.

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