• ALL PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMMERCIALS!! THEY are so long and go on and on........naturally, because Big Pharma has tons of money to spend on their crappy stuff........oh how I dread them! I mute or change the channel!!!!!!! give us a break, will ya?????????
  • I don't watch TV currently. But back when Charmin had that commercial about how moms are supposed to fetch the tissue for everyone in the house I quit buying Charmin.
  • All the Northern toilet tissue ads. They all depict defecating is dirty and obsinie. it is a natural process of life.
  • The Aflac commercial, Goat vs Duck:
  • The Haribo commercials are annoying where the adults are speaking in children’s voices. It’s very silly. Haribo are sweets. You might not know the commercial I’m talking about because I live in Ireland and the commercials here and in England that are shared are different to the ones elsewhere in the world.
  • The one where people are eating dinner in a restaurant (and note: I always see this commercial around dinner time) and the talking, walking box tells you that you should poop into a jar and goes into considerable detail about the benefits of pooping into a jar.
  • "Headon - apply directly to the forehead. Headon - apply directly to the forehead. Headon - apply directly to the forehead." The commercial gives me a headache. Why say it three times? Once was enough. If they only said it once, maybe there'd be enough time to tell me what the heck the product is supposed to do.
  • Yes BRG, the MOST annoying are "ALL PRESCRIPTION DRUG COMMERCIALS!!". Runner up, All those annual ads for Part C Medicare plans. The revenue spent of all of this advertising raises the cost of the meds and the insurance plans. PS. The US and New Zealand are the only countries that allow prescription drug ads.

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