• lol it was terrifying but i knew mickey he lived next door to my aunt in berkley for like 20 years he was a cool little guy rip mickey
  • Not of the Munchkins...but the Wicked Witch was , and so was the Wizard until the curtain got pulled.
  • That tornado scene terrified me as a kid, and it still sends chills up my spine - - and Margaret Hamilton's perfect performance as The Wicked Witch of the West scared me witless! Where was that Oscar for Hamilton for this role?!
  • I had nightmares about the witch. She scared the crap out of me, but I was only 4.
  • I've always loved the Wizard of Oz. I thought it was so cool when it went from black and white to color and I adored all the little people that were in it. In fact, I still love that movie.
  • No, it never scared me.
  • I thought the flying monkeys were. The first time I saw the movie I remember hiding behind my father's chair, peeking around it to see the tv, not knowing whether to cry or hide some more. But, I loved the movie.
  • It was the witch. When she said," I'll get you;my pretty...and your little dog, too!" Obviously, she had it in for me...;) jk Scary.
  • No, I always thought it was a good movie from the first time I seen it. I also liked the newer "Tin Man" Series on SciFi. It was like a new-age Oz.
  • Scary as hell. The flying monkeys creep me out. To this day I don't watch it. My 7 year old wanted to watch it, so we let her. She wanted to watch it with me and I said no. She loves the movie and thinks I'm silly. Yeah, her mother didn't force her to watch it every frickin' time it came on tv knowing that it scared the hell out of her, that's why she isn't freaked out over it.
  • Oh, how sad--WOO is one of my alltime favorite movies, wish I had seen this question earlier---RIP Mr. Carroll...never found it scary, I do a very credible impression of Wicked Witch of the West, scares the daylights out of anyone around me whenever I cut loose, lol....

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