• 1) drowning 2) eatin alive by an animal 3) being run over by a steam roller 4) being cut open having your guts pulled out 5) being killed by AIDS 6) falling off a cliff
  • 1). AIDS 2). Terrorists 3). Black People 4). Super AIDS 5). Being Eaten by John Goodman 6). Super Black Terrorist AIDS
  • I don't know about six, but I can name a few. Cancer torture AIDS fry alive in oil shred alive in a shredder Quartered
  • Fire Drowning Sharks Being murdered Biblical plague
  • 1) Terrorist attack 2) Murder 3) Plane crash 4) Strangulation/asphyxiation (that's mine!!) 5) Some kind of fire-related catastophe 6) Tortured (I *tried* to get into the American mind-set lol)
  • My first six would be 1) Drowning 2) burning 3) Suffocating 4) torture 5) disease 6) murdered +5 chuck
  • Fire car wreck heart attack cancer airplane crash drowning
  • Burning Car Accident Cancer Drowning Gun Shot Plane Crash Great queston
  • OK, guys, here's the promised answers. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to weigh in and rate my question. I really appreciate it. And it might be a nice gesture if you would take a run through the thread and rate your fellow AB answerers, OK? Thanks. analyzed the most feared ways to die, none of which is actually very likely to happen: 1. Airplane crashes Millions of Americans have a real and palpable fear of flying. It's really a fear of crashing--and dying in that crash. Statistically, you have a chance of being involved in a fatal airline accident once every 19,000 years, according to aviation safety statistician Arnold Barnett. 2. Shark attacks Even if you live at the beach, your chances of being attacked by a shark are just 1 in 11.5 million. Stop feeding your fears! Don't watch "Jaws" again. Here are the facts: From 1580 to 2003, only 1,909 confirmed shark attacks occurred worldwide, according to the International Shark Attack File. Of the 737 that happened in the United States, 38 people died. Your personal risk of being killed by a shark is even less than a shark attack: 0 in 264.1 million. 3. Being murdered Worldwide, one person is murdered every 60 seconds, says the World Health Organization. In 2000, some 520,000 people were murdered, compared with 6 million who died of cancer that same year. 4. Falling Falls are a very real concern for the elderly. In 2001, nearly 12,000 people aged 65 and older died from a fall. But that's not your real fear, is it? Your fear is falling from a height. And while this is a leading cause of death among construction workers, only 80 people die from such falls annually. If you're not a construction worker building a skyscraper, your risk of such a fall is infinitesimal. 5. Terrorist attack With front page news of terrorist incidents worldwide and memories of 9/11 still raw, it's not unusual to worry you might die from a terrorist attack. Historically speaking, your chances of dying from such an attack are just 1 in 9.3 million, which is slightly greater than your risk of dying in an avalanche. 6. Natural disaster Spooked by Mother's Nature wrath? Your risk of dying in a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tornado, flood or extreme heat or cold, is 1 in 3,357.
  • Some of mine aren't on the list. Guess I don't understand the American public that well. I thought the list would probably include: Autoerotic suffication Sex induced heart attack at GF/BF/Mistress's place murdered attempting to solicite a prostitute anal bleed from prison rape rabies fire, fire fire! Sorry I missed so badly!
  • i havnt looked at your answer yet, it seems im a little late to come on here and see it, i havnt seen any other answers yet so here goes........ buried alive in a fire drowning slow agonising physical type of death gassed cant think of another one :(
  • alone. with a fellow employee. with a supervisor takeing care of you. sudden impact with the ground. in one's sleep. unexpectedly.
  • burning drowning murder suffocation car wreck plane crash just guessin.

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