• Then how come your points tally shows that you do downrate people? Anyway that doesn't matter. I am sad to see a member go, especially because of trolls... Bye!
  • Please don't go! The trolls really are not that many in number. We need more good people to keep them in check!
  • I'm sorry you feel that way... I'm new here and hate when good people leave because of someone else. Can I ask you a question since I am new.... what is DR?
  • What are DR's??? (excuse my ignorance)
  • There's many more people here that will uprate your Q&A and even make a comment. Best thing to do is to not give the DRers advertisement. In the long run, the downrates don't hurt you because eventually someone will see that you're been DR'd and give you points. There's much more positive here than negative. Hope you reconsider.:)
  • OK. Good bye! If you hadn't realized even BEFORE you came to Answerbag 17 days ago that the world is FULL of *ssholes, jerks, jack*sses, and dipsh*ts who just LOVE to go around picking on people and generally spreading hate and discontent just because they think it's fun, entertaining, or otherwise just in their nature, then I suppose being downrated by trolls would be a rude awakening. So if your skin isn't thick enough to handle the actions of a few trolls on Answerbag, when their DR's don't affect your total points accumulated or your ability to keep your family fed and a roof over their heads, then I suppose you really should leave. Personally, I'm of the opinion that you should just put their actions into perspective (they cannot affect your REAL life, nor can they affect your progress up through the levels here on AB) and learn to laugh at them, like I do. Or better yet, make fun of them at THEIR expense, like I do. (I like to leave them videos like this one to show them how much I value their cowardly DRs: Some people just turn off the points notification so they never even know if they are DR'd at all (in your profile & activity page, go to the "My Q&A" tab and unselect the "ratings" box.) If you honestly have otherwise decent questions, answers, and comments...who cares what trolls do? The rest of us can see through them and think for ourselves. It's obvious to us when someone else is being an *sshole, jerk, jack*ss, or dipsh*t and we will never think less of YOU for their trolling actions. Stay or go...the decision is totally up to you.
  • You have downrated people - you only have a 92% positive ratings figure. But no matter - there are many people here who will DR when a question is offensive, badly written or on a subject that they have a particular view on, there are many others who will award points for exactly the same question. The thing is, it isn't all about the points - it is about exchanging opinions and views; forget about the points and stay and debate!
  • I have looked at all you Dr's and pointed them, I have also reported it to the AB staff. Again I say try to find the good in AB there are some amazing people here.
  • Don't go. Instead go see this guy, Prime Coat, and read his profile at . He will tell you how to deal with such miscreants and help out too. Apparently their is an underground here in the bag, or a secret lining more likely, that has contacts with the bag holders. There are some E-mail addresses on his profile, tell um notmrjohn sent you. I gave ya as high a rating on your ? as I could.
  • Well if you can't stand the heat...

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