• I have no problem admitting that I don't believe in the "God" of Heaven and I live in the South..Bible Belt so if you think I don't get treated differently, you are so wrong. In the South if you admit to NOT believing than you do get treated worse than a serial killer (at least here)
  • I am an atheist, been one all my life. I have tons of beliefs just like everyone else except for believing in a magical invisible sky daddy that suppose to be omnipotent.
  • I'm an agnostic, and I make no secret of it.
  • Me. No.
  • I am one. I talk about it quite frequently on AB but very very rarely in the 3d world, mainly to avoid conflict. Much of my family is very religious so by force of habit I just avoid the topic of religion whenever I can. It's kind of sad. I only just told this to my significant other the other day and we've been together for years. He knew that I'm not a churchgoer but not that I consider myself an atheist. It was very strange to tell him this and it really felt like a very small "coming out" thing. It shows how much *pressure* there is in western culture not to admit to a lack of god-belief.
  • I've been an atheist pretty much my whole life and have never hidden that fact.
  • I'm an atheist in regards to the gods presented so far by man but I still allow for the possibility of some unknown entity that's out there. I do make it quite known on the internet and even hang out in a Paltalk chat room where I discuss it. However as others have stated I refrain from talking about it in public unless it is brought up to me by someone who is curious then I have no problems telling that person how I feel about religion.
  • There are a lot of us who are not at all shy to say that here. I don't know any atheists who wave flags and banners, though, and I wouldn't associate with them if I did, I think. Most of my friends know my position, too, since we have friendly discussions about religion from time to time. Friendly in the sense that none of us condemns any other for particular beliefs, or lack of, and because none of us is expecting or trying to change the others' minds. I suppose there are places in the US -- as I know first hand there are such places in the world -- where it might be somewhat socially dangerous to make such admissions. I don't have much fear of having this conversation with anyone who speaks as I do, which is to say thoughtfully and with moderation. I don't have many conversations with fanatics of any stripe.
  • Atheist, not reluctant to let others know, and pleasantly surprised when it isn't met with hostility or preaching.
  • I have no problem at all admitting I am a non believer, I have never hidden this fact
  • Me. I get damned tired of having my cars and house vandalized, but I will never stop stating the truth about Religion.
  • Atheist and I don't talk religion or the lack of belief where it isn't appropriate. My family, friends and doctor know. My employees and people on the street do not--nor do they have a reason to. If someone approaches me with intent to convert, they're going to have to hear the logical side as or I won't listen to their faith based side. On AB and other forums, I try to present my reasons for believing (or not) what I do without making personal attacks--but I don't feel a need to respect anyone's beliefs (including mine).
  • G'day Gonzo, Thank you for your question. I am an atheist. I don't feel reluctant in talking about my views. However, I also respect the rights of others to hold alternative views. Regards
  • I'm 97% atheist and 3% agnostic, I've always been reluctant to put any label on myself. Here in Vancouver BC we don't seem to have much problem with agressive fundies. Cooler temperatures= cooler heads I guess. Boring.
  • I don't know many who are reluctant to talk about their rational approach to things and their lack of susceptibility to fancy and fairytales. . Why?

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