• too assumptive... stiffness should remain high on those who create problems but not those who are suspect to possibly.
  • For America? I wonder what the laws are for other countries. I think it's subjective to the person sometimes its too strict and sometimes it's ok.
  • I think you need to look at this as a money revenue source. when one creates a society where alcohol, is legal and is advertised but then in the same token disallows its usage, you find situations, many in the US, that are unfair. Another point- if they cared the DUI profits would have increased public transportation and abuse education. That has not happened in the US. The money goes back to the police to fight it. It's called the war on drugs, same war, different drug. Same revenue stream and end benefit for the police/ gov.
  • They are strict in California and need to be. It is arrogant to drink and drive and assume that one is the only human being whose judgment is not impaired by alcohol. Drinking and driving is a serious crime because one is tossing the dice with someone else's life. Since people are unwilling to consider the life and death consequences of their choices to drink and drive, laws must be enacted and enforced to drive the point home.
  • Too lenient where I am. Drinking age is way too high though, 18 year olds will get alcohol whether it's legal or illegal.
  • Fact from fiction, truth from diction. Far, far too lenient. They should have their license suspended in perituity. If you are convicted of a felony you can't have a gun, even if it was a non-violent white collar crim etc. If you were convicted of a sex crime even if it involved no kids just old women (fetish thing)you could no longer work around or with kids. Why? Because the law and the government want to remove ANY chance of future victims. They won't stop everyone but those who don't comply have a smack down coming to them. But, with the killing potential we all know, and read about year after year with DUI drivers no one cares to clamp down because many of those who are entrusted to our safety themselves have multiple DUIs. And they certainly would not want to do anything that they might get caught up in themselves.
  • They would be fine IF... the actual penalty was imposed. Too often there's plea bargaining or just watering down of the sentence. (ex: instead of 90 days in jail, two months of rehab and some community service.) There's nothing like a semester in the can to get someone's attention.

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