• Wikipedia: The value of the binomial nomenclature system derives primarily from its economy, its widespread use, and the stability of names it generally favors: Every species can be unambiguously identified with just two words. The same name can be used all over the world, in all languages, avoiding difficulties of translation. Although such stability as exists is far from absolute, the procedures associated with establishing binomial nomenclature tend to favor stability. For example, when species are transferred between genera (as not uncommonly happens as a result of new knowledge), if possible the species descriptor is kept the same. Similarly if what were previously thought to be distinct species are demoted from species to a lower rank, former species names may be retained as infraspecific descriptors. Despite the rules favoring stability and uniqueness, in practice a single species may have several scientific names in circulation, depending largely on taxonomic point of view (see synonymy). A major source of instability is the resurrection of forgotten names, which can claim priority of publication. In this case, however, conservation according to the nomenclature Codes is possible. enjoy extracting two advantages from that. it is fascinating. :-)

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