• Not currently, but I did have hair that was that almost that long a few years ago. (Just 2-3 inches above my waist.)
  • Many times in my life. Right now it is real close to being at my waist. +5
  • Getting there honey! Years avoiding hair stylists lol.
  • Me!!...When I was a little kid I had it down below my butt....right now though Ive been growing it for awhile...its down to the small of my back, NOT QUITE to my waist yet...LOL I need to get it cut.
  • Yes twice I've had it that long. But now it refuses to grow back down there.
  • Yep, and all around my waist too.
  • I don't think I ever did, just to the middle of my back.
  • My 13-year-old daughter did for a while, but it's been trimed to the middle of her back now.
  • Yeah, about 6 years ago I donated all of it. I wish I would have kept some of it. It doesn't seem to grow as fast anymore :(
  • i did when i was younger. It is hard to manage.
  • Mine is below my waist now. It hangs down to the mid-butt area.
  • I did... I had a mad half hour and went to get it all chopped off. I cried after! Its half way down my back now.
  • Very close to it...if I keep it any shorter it freaks out. It has to weighed down it's so think and curly.
  • Yes,several times but that`s really just too long for me.I keep making it shorter and shorter.But it`s still past the shoulders most of the time.Seems to grow fast.
  • Yes for thirty years, almost to my knees.
  • I used to have my hair down to my waist, for about 20 years or more, but last year I had a severe allergic reaction to some medication, and it started falling out, so I had to cut it real short, so it wouldn't clog up the plumbing. Now, I am nearly bald, and what little hair I have left is about four inches long, barely below my ears, and pure white.
  • I did when I was little.
  • When I was 19 I had hair past my waist and it was brown with some blonde highlights I am letting my daughter who is 17 let hers grow out hers is right at the waist line right now and hers is brown and she looks a lot like me when I was 19 ,,,
  • I love long hair despite the extra work. I had it down to my waist for many years, but now I keep it at elbow length so that it does not get tangled in my crutches. My beautiful sister is 32 and has thigh- length hair. Our mom still has long gorgeous hair almost as long as mine. When she was in her teens and 20s it was knee length. I love seeing her old photos from her hippy days. My great grandmother and her sisters had amazingly long hair. I never met them, but I have see photographs of all three of them with their hair brushed out. They were very beautiful.
  • Yes when I was 20/21. I've had long hair since I was 14 and at my longest it was at my waist. It was difficult to manage though and I eventually got a foot cut off! I do keep it fairly long anyway (mid back).

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