• I don't belive TRUE love can be destructive. Only distorted versions can be in my opinion, usually driven by selfishness.
  • Not love itself but some of the other aspects that sometimes accompany it like jealousy.
  • Yes, when love turns into obsession. But, then again anytime love moves away from respect, commitment, giving, and forgiveness-- it's not really 'love' anymore.
  • Love can be a destructive force if it is given without restrictions. When you decide you love someone you should remember to stay true to yourself. I have seen people change for a boyfriend or girlfriend and when the person left them they didn't know who to be. I know of people who let the type of person they are with define who they are at the moment. I have aloso seen people become so obsessed with just having someone in their lives they don't know how to let go when it's over or believe they must immediately find someone new just for the sake of having someone. Love is something you must have caution with. It could be deadly.
  • 1) When someone's love for [blank] can send them along a perceived path of expressing that love. For example, individuals killing themselves or others in the name of their religion, which they "love." Another example is John Hinckley Jr, who shot the president as a sign of love and commitment to Jodie Foster (or something like that). 2) When love is not reciprocated but instead used as a way to ensure commitment despite abuse, as in a relationship between a battered wife and abusive husband or vice versa. I know at least one woman, and I'm sure there are others, who won't leave him because she still loves him. 3) When love transforms into obsession, as with John Hinckley Jr., and culminates in stalking, harrassment, and/or violence. 4) When love can be manipulated by outside forces. Another hypothetical religious situation would be an individual who convinces others to commit a violent act in the name of their god, or to be loved by their god, etc.
  • Yeah, when your in love...but that person doesnt love you back. People havta learn if its a outflow with no inflow...that person eventaully is gonna be tired, worn out, sad, cant understand...why the relationship isnt working the way it should be...and it turns into an obsession...which leads to absolute chaos. So, its pointless to love a person who doesnt love you a relationship, its setting yourself up for failure.
  • Helen of Troy anyone?
  • When you forget to love yourself first and foremost...
  • If it's destructive, it isn't love.
  • Love can only be destructive to the evil powers around us, and not to anything or anyone good.
  • No. Not if it is true love. Lust is very destructive and it often goes by the name of "in love" as in "falling in love". But real love is never harmful to the beloved..never.If harm comes, it was never love. :)
  • Profound yet true.. who knows why
  • Love is a voluntary feeling that one feels for another person, in its different connotations, differing widely from that of a life partner to friend or colleague or siblings or parents or offspring or whatever type of the relationship it is. For each, love can be a destructive force only when it is not handled properly or it is allowed to go down the wrong lane due to misunderstanding of the whole concept of love. When does it happen in a married relationship? When it becomes too possessive, too far fetched to the understanding and confounding the other, stifling to a degree that you are suffocating with in. And when it becomes too possessive, in a way one is trying to imprison the other in their hold, of course with the justification of 'it is only because I care for you so much that I feel about you that way'. That kind of possessiveness takes away the charm or spark in any relationship... because with possessiveness comes indirectly expression of controlling the other's feelings ... which makes it too brittle to survive the vagaries of a doubtful relationship. In any partnership, each one has to give certain amount of leeway to the other, learn to trust in the other's ability to handle the relationship with maturity and create that personal space where an individual can be himself or herself without again taking that to the extreme. When we say marriage is a union of body and soul, it doesn't mean the loss of individuality but merging of that individuality for a congenial living. Where that understanding doesn't settle down naturally, cracks will develop and this very possessiveness will dispossess them of what they so longingly want but on their terms alone. Even in friendships, this aspect shouldn't come in at all. and where it creeps in, discomfort in that relationship would slowly ease its way in to destroy that relationship because this trait would be a harbinger for once again mistrust, arguements and finally split up. I would like to cover only one more aspect. That of love becoming a destructive force as we apply this analogy to children. Which parent doesn't love their children? Every one does.... but love should not be mixed up with our ability to stand firm when we need to. We cannot avoid saying 'No' at times and where we need to convey a point, it should always be unambiguously conveyed to the kids. Children should never misinterpret love as a weakness to get their way every time they wish too... because in the formative years of their life, they are only trying to cope with the new discoveries of their existence and look for unfettered freedom to go about doing everything they want. It is for us to take an informed opinion about it ... where we have taken the pains to inculcate these values right from the beginning this clash may not so occur... but where we have totally surrendered to their unwarranted whims and fancies under the garb of love, one may be unknowingly unleashing a destructive force in the kid, which by the time we realize it would be too late to take control without drastic measures, which in turn bring in a new set of problems to handle. We as parents should understand this subtle difference for not only our own peace of mind as we age but also for the well being of the offspring.

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