• Yes, I do. I honestly don't understand how there can be love without friendship first. How would you know you loved someone without being friends with them?
  • it's a great start....
  • Yes and no... I believe a relationship's groundwork is based on trust, and usually with a friend that trust has already been established... Course, this does not limit a stranger from being just as qualified but the trust for most has to be earned... Now, I'm one of the few that feel I have learned to trust before distrust by blocking out my past from creating a subconscience stereotype against someone before actually getting to know them... This is a large part of why the "no" comes into play... My current girlfriend was a stranger and I trusted her from the beginning and she hasn't let me down (2.5 years later).
  • Yes it's a good start because you have to like someone before you love them.
  • You have to have a friend ship for any relationship to survive. The you try for step 2.
  • I think it's a good thing to get to know someone before getting involved but just try to stifle the urge to jump head over heels...
  • I wouldnt really say that there is a "best" way to fall in love, just so long as you are truly in love. Sometimes you fall for the person that you grew up living next door to. However, sometimes you just randomly meet someone at a concert and think, wow shes the one for me (in my case).
  • i believe that friendship is essential in all relationship.
  • yes I reckon its better to be friends first, just so, you get to know each other before taking things further.
  • I doubt if you could fall in love without being friends first.
  • Undoubtedly!!!!
  • Or ... Get drunk. Have sex. It's really good. Keep doing it. Discover that you have much else in common. Become friends. Marry. Have children. Live happily ever after. (It could happen?)
  • Not necessarily, but it’s usually a good/better start!
  • There was a time that I though people would fall in love first and bypass the whole friendship thing altogether. Someone convinced me recently that this isn't the way things are.
  • No, I find it the worst way, because you have way too much to lose if it doesn't work out.
  • I would say not the best way, probably the smartest way.
  • yes. That isn't to say that it is the only way. It also isn't to say how long that friendship needs to last before falling in love. I think they can take place simultaneously.
  • It's definetly the best way to stay in love. I just wouldnt spend too long trying to win her or him over and I definetly wouldn't play shoulder to cry on.
  • Yes, love is usually progressive, as is friendship. As a friendship evolves, so does love. Love is a feeling to be learned.
  • YES! It acts like a door.If it's opened then sure you will get a chance to enter.....

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