• None of those places. I'm likely to run into some unwanted relatives or dodgy characters I've associated with.
  • Well you're from where you're from, that means the place your parents came from and where you lived as a child... in my opinion, but I'd personally rather live in Hawaii.
  • I am happy to be from where I am, Oklahoma, "Where the wind comes right behind the rain"...(smile). I have travelled a bit and there are many nice places...all over the world. But, home is always still home... probably because most of the people I love most are all here....
  • Kenya -- My family are from South Africa and Zimbabwe so I feel some kind of connection with Southern Africa. I would claim to be from where I spent my childhood, or the place I felt the greatest connection with out of those in which I had spent significant time. I would feel no need to show a birth certificate to anybody, but would if officially required.
  • None of those places. I would rather be from where i AM from, thank you very much. I cannot show a 'Birth certificate' because i am not in possession of the original. I do, however, have an official plasticised copy of some of the information on my birth certificate, which is registered with the Ontario government.
  • Regardless of where I'm from, I'd still have a birth certificate. And such HAS been presented. Luddite.
  • I'd rather be from Chicago. Far, far from Chicago.
  • I don't have any problem being FROM Chicago, I'd just rather not still be living here.
  • Hawaii, and I would have a "real" birth certificate to show. :-)
  • chicago
  • If I had to choosee one it'd be Hawaii. I dont claim to be from anywhere bar Ireland :D
  • If I had any choice in the matter, I'd be born in Hawaii. It is a totally beautiful state. Everyone who wishes to be President is required to show a valid, state-certified birth certificate proving their citizenship. Since this was done by Obama, continuing toi stir the pot with idiotic challenges like this question is only showing the ridiculous right to be what it is, ridiculous.

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