• Rub your gums with Irish Whiskey
  • My Pastor had gum problem recently.It was so bad that he couldnt come preach in church on Sunday.Later, i gave him a tube of Forever Living Bright Toothgel to use when brushing his teeth.He is very happy now because it has helped his problem tremendously.At same time, he's also taking FLP Aloe Vera Gel everyday & his complexion is lighter in colour & his skin has a glow.Read on Aloe Vera @
  • Im using FLP Bright Toothgel myself.It cleans teeth,mouth,prevents & heals infection,helps sorethroat,prevents bad breadth.Food does not get stuck anymore in between teeth.Read more at
  • You can use hydrogen peroxide. It is great for swollen gums and perodontial disease as well. Swish is muth and spit out.
  • You could try rinsing gently with some warm salt water. This draws out infection and such. Very soothing.
  • a home remedy for a toothache is to crush up a clove and rub it on the area. it numbs the pain naturally. i prefer orajel. ++

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