• I can think of very few people who would categorize George W. Bush as a good President overall. The main defense of him seems to have come to, "well, he's not as bad as some people say he is". There are a few diehards behind every politician/political movement. His second term was an absolute joke.
  • I don't think it would be fair to praise him or to bash him. Every President from George Washington to the present has made decisions that were perceived as brillint at the time but shown by history to be a complete desaster. Regardless whether popular or unpopular, only time and knowledge of the events surrounding the decission will tell.
  • Humility. Or lack thereof. Have you ever committed yourself to a thing long past the point of sanity? Folks would rather die, pardon me, would rather let OTHER folks die, than admit to making a grave mistake. Pride is obviously all important to the Bu$h Lusters.
  • i love Bush. hes from texas. Iraq- after a decade of saddam defying UN mandates. the man actually did something. third world countries love to extort the west any way they can because of people like you who let it slide.oblivious to anything other than your own smugness. they aslo tried to kill his father so more respect to him for completing his justifiable revenge. the economy under Bush was rather fine no major problems i believe one bank bailout of 30 billion, your lord and savior obama brought us into trillions of debt, sold us to the chinese. obamas special moments..... 57 no 59 states, my islamic faith, teleprompter mishaps one where he thanked himself for being there. please if you have anymore brain busters, more likely than not there is a good reason. we support him because we like to kill people who want to kill us, he doesnt bend over backwards for dictators. our enemies knew where we stood firm, yet just. its not our problem you people choose to live in a fairy land taht no doubt costs the US more lives. simple really a united america in a righteous war will defeat all enemies in one blow. Bush somewhat accomplished this if it wasnt for the dems. and all their shenanigans. i believe he did enough. crazy how things change so radically so fast with one man in power.
  • You are right but we now have gone from bad to the very worse in obama.

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