• people waste their money. its just drinking poison. alcohol has ethanol, ethanol is found in car gasoline...YEAH.
  • Ya, there are alot of drunks out there..:)
  • I went to a bar tonight. (First time in over a year) My cousin who lives near Chicago was in town for my sisters wedding today. After the reception, my cousin and I went to a bar to hang out together. Other than the "catching up" with each other, I learned nothing useful or beneficial.
  • don't take anyone home from one, if you do, make sure they don't have an adam's apple, if they do, make sure you never tell a soul.
  • Yes and I got in trouble for it when I got caught. I learned that men seem to not believe that a girl can beat them at ..they make bets..they dont want to lose..and did..;) :)
  • I bounce part time. Some things I've learned are- Everybody's a tough guy. And it's never "their fault" The other night a guy told me- "I would kick your ass if I wasn't wearing these shoes.".... It's like, okay friend. Whatever you say.
  • Many things. I did a lot of sociological research in both the military and in college. (smile) Most people are more open and honest after a few drinks. Some cannot find the right time to stop and make fools of themselves, which they are embarrassed about the next day. But, they do it again the next weekend. All women become more attractive to men at closing time. All women believe themselves to be more attractive at closing time. Therefore, all women ARE more attractive at closing time... Scientific deduction...(smile) Oh, I learned many other things,...but you will have to wait and buy my book to get the whole story...
  • Well, i never went to Bar!
  • Here after i should not visit bar and drink......
  • LOL...who not to go home with.
  • I learned that country music can sound pretty good with the right atmosphere and a good buzz.
  • Ya way back in the 70's they had a crazy dance called the bump. Well no one told me anything about having all those mirrors around the wall of the dance floor. After that night I learned not to dance no more in a bar with mirrors.......LOL
  • Yes. Never discuss anything private. Sound travels towards the empty space behind a bar and the bar-keeper can hear the conversation of more or less everyone in the bar. Many people have been caught for tax evasion in this way. Beware!
  • That when people are drunk they talk a load of bull**** and act like Neanderthrals!!! :D
  • No your limit and stop.
  • I learned to make a mojito, and I learned that tall skinny drinks with a splash of curcao are blue. I also learned that any drink with rum are not funny. Also I learned that their is no point to a virgin bloody. life is short!
  • That if you are a teetotler then you have to carry your friends out and drive/drop them home!So I avoid anyone who calls me to a bar.
  • Yes...that it is true that tequila makes you take your clothes
  • si... tengo la opportunidad pratcicar mas espanol ahorita porque vivo en concord CA... Perro necesito mucho mas practico hasta hablo bueno.
  • LMAO erm yeah how to serve drinks, how to pull a pint, how to sack someone and something I cant say in this section lol
  • If i have i cant remember

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