• Who they? Government? Jews? Mormons? Russians? Saddam? Bottle producers?
  • It makes a person lazy and also LITTERLY cuases a person to "listen"...a way of brainwashing...They did it in nazi germany... hmmm....really makes you wonder huh. (thats why I dont drink the tap water) - but be careful....they are now putting it in Bottled water... STAY AWAY FROM FLOURIDE. Do some research on it.. Like on youtube...check out flouride/aspertame/agenda21
  • They put it in because it makes your teeth stronger which is why Americans have (relatively speaking) good teeth. If you swallow too much water your cells will cease to function and you will die. Dosage is the relevant factor in so many things we ingest. The government put chemicals and vitamins in food and water in an effort to improve health. Vitamin D is added to milk, extra B vitamins to bread. Largely speaking, it worked quite well. You are welcome to form your own opinions - for my part I don't fear fluoride in water.
  • H2O is dangerous in large quantities, as are many other useful substances. The trick is to keep the level low enough where all it does is protect the teeth, and does not reach the poisonous levels you are talking about.

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