• no it teaches them to hate their parents more than they already do
  • Yes as long as people don't abuse the situation..
  • Yes. It teaches them that things have to be done, that money isn't free and hopefully the value of hard work and a dollar. I agree that you shouldn't abuse the situation. Taking care of a pet that they had to have is a good start, but trying to make a 7 year old mow the lawn is a bit mean.
  • Yes. It teaches them that life cannot be all play and no work. They become responsible with their own chores to be completed everyday.
  • yes...done weekly or consecutively , as they will have to be in, job one day...i have found the worst thing to do, is offer money for every little mundane thing they do...after that...they tend to want to be paid everytime u ask them to do something....chores and a small weekly allowance...and sticking with this program teaches them lots...about money, earning it, responsibility, non entitlement: as kids nowadays feel entitled to their parents material things which they earned....but forget to teach their kids to "earn your own!!!":)
  • It worked for us...
  • Yes of course. set schedules of chores and responsibilities, such as feeding the dogs, setting the table, making the bed...etc...helps them to feel as if they are helpoing with the houshold. It gives them a sense of ownership and teaches them that life cannot be all fun.

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