• They can ASK you if it is ok for them to come in and look .... You have the option to refuse. IF you do ; they will simply have officers wait there while they have a search warrant for yur home delivered .... and then, they'll be extra rough on your home as they search ... IF, on the other hand, you co-operate ... they will usually just walk thru and look around , look in the closets ect ... and then leave if NO ONE is there ... NOTE: IF you are found to be harboring a fugitive and you were UN co operative .. YOU can be charged and taken to JAIL.
  • no, at least not without permission. A bench warrant is an arrest warrant not a search warrant.
  • Yes and no. If the bench warrant has the address of the house inquestion on it's face,then yes.if not no. remember that failure to appear in most cases even for a felony charge is just a petty charge. Now if they have cause to beleive that the defendant is in the home,they will just wait you out untill they get a search warrant for your address.
  • No. A 3rd party home, not the principle residence of the wanted person, requires a search warrant.

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