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  • I would not do that if I were you. Bad for the colon. Ever heard of cancer of the colon. or cancer of the rectum. His pleasure may be your cancer later obn in life and he may not even be the one you end up staying with.
  • tell him u will do it ...if u can stick a banana up his ass first
  • It'll hurt. . But if you really want to just use ALOT of lube. . . If you're scared and can't do it make your boyfreind a deal. He can have anal sex with you. . . only if you can screw him with a strap on first.
  • Don't be pressurised into doing anything you are not comfortable with - however much you may be involved with the person requesting it.
  • from my experience you have to be extremely aroused first then as always way to much lube then add some, missionary position is best way for begginers as it tenses up the anus less, and on insertion just hold pressure against it dont try to push it in. it will eventually take it in. then after its in there just sit still for a minute play with eachother a minute and let the anus get used to something being in it. enjoy! it takes practice trust me
  • There is nothing to be scared of. It can be painful sometimes when it's initially going in but if you get over that it's actually quite fun and it doesn't always necessarily always hurt. Any major pain will indicate a problem and is a sign to stop straight away. Don't use anything to numb the area because pain is your bodys way of telling you something is wrong. Use lots and lots of lube. It involves lots of communication, take it slow, tell him to be gentle and at any time when you feel it's too much tell him to slow down, stop for a sec or to pull out completely. You might want him to use fingers and/or sex toys smaller than his penis to begin with to get you used to the sansations of that area being played with. Try to relax as that makes the muscles in that area less tight. Do all the usual kissing/foreplay beforehand and become aroused before it. One issue you might be worried about is cleanliness. Make sure you've been to the toilet a little while before you get started and it's maybe not a good idea to have eaten 5 bean chilli not long beforehand :p You can also try an enema but that isn't really necessary and might appear a little extreme. Another embarrasing problem us girls seem to worry about is our asses making any noises in the process, don't worry about it. He's pushing air into you so it might happen. To be honest, your guy will probably be so happy that your letting him do this that he won't notice or just find it amusing. Remember to use a condom for protection too. Finally, aim to enjoy it, you might like it as hundreds of other people do. If you approach it with dread you will not like it. Read up on it, go google "anal sex how to" and you'll find hundreds of sites giving you tips and info. Have fun.
    • officegirl
      One of my old answers.

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