• there is a spray called "natures miracle" that works on just about any smell. you can usually find it in pet stores. good luck. +
  • It probably smells so bad because you used vinegar in the first place. Does anything smell worse than that revolting stuff?
  • 12-20-2016 Vinegar and lemon juice are acidic. Baking soda is basic. Basic and acidic neutralize each other producing bubbles, pressure, and sodium acetate (vinegar) or sodium citrate (lemons). Acetates and citrates have a lot of uses, but cleaning is not one of them. Baking soda does not absorb odors much. That bit of bs was advertised by Arm And Hammer to perk up their sales. You might notice that you haven't heard it is often as you used to. That is because it doesn't work. Bottom line: you are still looking for some way to clean this machine without knowing exactly where the stink comes from. There are certainly many places in a fridge that might harbor mildew, especially a frost free model. I am guessing now: put a small amount of clear ammonia inside (not in a cup, just throw it in), close the door, and let it sit overnight. Next day, open the door and let it dry. If that doesn't clean it, you can throw it away and buy a new one.

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