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  • the girl can have a baby the guy cant sorry thats it.
  • Things are more equal now! Only a sexist person would call the woman a slut!!
  • Women are the ones who label her a slut, the men want to get to know her. The slut takes a lot of attention from the women who are not sluts.
  • Guys are the gas, Girls are the brakes! Everybody expects the guys to try to get it. It's not right, but yeah, thats my theory :)
  • guy's can and are sluts also, I know I was one, I sleep with all the women I would, at one time I had four friends with beifits, but it is just the way general puplic looks at it.
  • The only way I think a girl is a slut, is if shes going around with barely any clothes on and sleeps with men who have wives or girlfriends. If a single girl just has a few different "booty calls" or "friends with benefits" there is no reason for her to b considered a slut. exactly, guys do it.... why cant females? some b/s if you ask me. ps always wrap it up lol
  • Most likely, because most girls think that it is cool for a guy to have sex with multiple girls, but when one girl has sex with two or more girls, she is called a slut or tramp, because the other girls are jealous.
  • negative. A slut is a slut. Chicks or bros both can be hoes.

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