• It often is an offense people can get "written up" over. However, spend $2 on a razor scraper and invest a little elbow grease and the sticky residue will come off.
  • It's actually considered a charge of vandalism most places, but you can probably scrape it off with a razor scraper without any damage. It certainly isn't funny.
  • maybe someone should have a "talk" with this co-worker
  • Ugh. A stupid neighbor did that to my front window once. Some of the sticky stuff is still there! I was mad too. Maybe his car needs a few stickers....
  • At least where i live it isint against any laws cause he put it on a window and so since it's removable it's not doing damage . I would get a few stickers for their car and see how they like it . also you can get the sticky stuff off with a razor you might have to srape it for awhile .
  • Kick his ass! ... or try to talk to him or something, that'll work too, I guess.
  • At the very least what they did was disrespectful, but probably not criminal. Try using cooking oil, butter, or shortening. Generally it breaks down the adhesive. If that doesn't work, fingernail polish remover should take it off but be very careful not to get any on your car.
  • Yeah ! Why don't YOU put a "caution sign" on HER window (preferably the driver's side) that reads "Caution: Idiot on Board !" That's what I would do !
  • Scrape the majority off. Then Goof-Off, Oops, or similar or mineral spirits will take the residue off. Yes, it is a violation of something and if you want to push it, they may have it on video. If you would rather get them back, post such a question. I have some thoughts.
  • Yes, it should. Try peanut works great on gum, etc stuck in hair!
  • Yes, but it's fixable. How to Get Decals Off of Car Windows Removing decals from your car windows can be a difficult and time-consuming task if you don’t know how to start. In order to remove window decals and the sticky residue left behind, you’ll need to loosen the adhesive and, unfortunately, regular window cleaner just isn’t powerful enough to get the job done. However, you can use rubbing alcohol, a soft cloth and a razor blade to get decals off a car window quickly and easily. Step1 Place a small amount of rubbing alcohol into a clean spray bottle. Common rubbing alcohol makes a great, inexpensive window cleaner that yields a streak-free shine on most glass surfaces. Step2 Saturate the decal with rubbing alcohol using the spray bottle. The alcohol will help loosen stubborn window decals from your car windows more effectively than water or other household cleaners and it’s much safer to work with than ammonia or bleach. Simply spray the decal and the area of window around it and allow the alcohol to seep into the adhesive for at least three minutes before continuing on to Step 3. Step3 Scrape the decal carefully using a razor blade. A sharp razor blade is very effective in removing the bulk of the decal without scratching the car window. Scrape around the outer edges and work toward the center of the window decal. You can apply more alcohol as you work to keep the adhesive soft, if necessary. Step4 Spray the window again with rubbing alcohol after you’ve removed the decal. Rubbing alcohol dries faster than most other liquids and it’s necessary to keep the window saturated while you work to make it easier to remove the decal residue. Step5 Use a sturdy cloth to remove the residue left behind by the window decal. By now, the decal adhesive should be soft enough that you can remove it with a soft cloth. Work in a circular motion and use your fingernail to scrape away any large clumps of glue. Step6 Clean the entire window using alcohol or window cleaner and a clean, lint-free cloth, newspaper, or coffee filter.
  • Razor blade and carb cleaner for window only -(DON"T GET ON PAINT)
  • I'd be sure to let the coworker know how unamused you are with this prank. I'd ask him to remove all of the sticker at your convenience or reimburse you for the cost of a complete detail job. Around here, that will cost about $100. plus tip.
  • get a razor blade and some windex...itll come right off.... LoL...just stick alotta stickers on his window.... Its really not that bigga deal, dont get so mad...just make it funnier on your side...(If you get mad...he got the best of you)
  • Goo Gone or WD-40 will take it off Consider it a prank and be done with it. the more they see you are upset with it, the mroe likely they will continue to do this kind of crap to you
  • I would think it's an offense one can get arrested for. What's it called? Defacing of personal property?
  • That would have pissed me off too. I hate for people to put stickers on my windows and bumpers. I use DeSolve works great and won't harm anything else. You can even wash your hair with it to remove gum and such. Nice orange scent, too.
  • i would go to HR and demand that this issue be taken care of. i take offense when people mess with my personal property
  • Use a flat razor scrapper.
  • depends, would you like to evolve a nuisance into an enemy? it is not like he flattened your tire... just put more effort into it. razor blade will remove the bulk and isopropyl or nail polish remover will get teh rest... just don't tough anything but the glass and goo with nailpolish remover.

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