• If you are saying that the owner of the home you rent has never lived in it, then yes, they DO have to pay a capitol gains tax. You may want to call a financial service and ask them how much the capitol gains tax is on a $213,000 home. Then you will be able to better negotiate a price for purchase.
  • HUH? the owner is keeping you in the dark and who knows what he is feeding you or trying to! Little does the owner know you have AB to ask your questions! YOU have NO capital gains to pay on a purchse! He, on the other hand, will pay capital gains on the sale of the rental. Since the economy is down so much, it would benefit you to look around and see what else is out there in your price range! Of course, buying someplace else would involve moving, but it you may be saving yourself $50K+, then I'd sure as heck move!

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