• The two easy ones are in your Windows Startup group, and in your Services list. The Startup group can be found in your Programs list, under the Start menu. Most third-party programs that launch when Windows starts will be found there. The next place to check is your Services (if you have a version of Windows in the NT family, like Win 2000 or XP.) You can find this list by going to your Start menu, then Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Be careful when poking around in the Services list - many of these services are necessary for running your computer, so don't go stopping them unless you know exactly what they do.
  • Go to Start->Run and type msconfig this lists all of the programs that are running on startup
  • In the registry, there are several places to check. Hkey Local machine Softwaremicrosoftwindowscurrent version Run Run once Run Services Run Services once Look here for programs that load on startup. Note: The way I disable them when I'm not totally sure is open them and put a bang(!) at the start of the line. This way, If I choose to re-enable it, I just have to delete the Bang (!).
  • You should check startup services, too. Use WindowsKey - X > Computer Management. Expand the Services and Applications item and you should see Services. Click on that and you'll see all of the services running on your system. Look in the "Startup Type" column to see if it's set to Automatic which means it loads on startup.

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