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  • There's always a trade off. You get to have a human pet. But they're gonna act like any other pet. I've yet to see a cat fetch me a beer.
  • Kitty's can be fun.... PURRRR...
  • the thing that matter is .. where do they lie.. if I am made to lie near her feet or p*ssy.. its worth being a slave. in hard-core Slaves , its teh mentality to be considered as a piece of furniture or anything else, what the dom desires... so being an dpet an dlying astray doesn't necessarily lessen your utility as a slave.... a slave doesn't have ex[pectation, its the dom who decides .
  • Having a pet is an ownership issue. You can teach a pet to serve you in various ways. She can do tricks even. Many submissives who crave the pet mentality also desire the constant attention and physical touch that goes along with being a pet. You discipline your puppy to teach it right from wrong. You give her bones and treats when she does something cute or correct. It's the same thing.

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