• Excellent question!!!! NO! If it's not broke, don't fix it. Updating drivers when everything is working fine is asking for trouble. What these programs are really telling you is "BUY ME!". Oh, it's free? SPYWARE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Don't touch it. There are dozens of programs out there that just want to "help you out" by "updating" this or that. Maybe one out of a hundred is legitimate. It's like Russian Roulette. If you really had a driver problem you would know it. Something wouldn't work. Even then, you can nearly always fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling the device. You don't need outside help from a no-name, fly-by-night company that tells you to update your drivers. Did they also offer you a discount price on the Brooklyn Bridge? Would you believe an ad that told you the air in your car's tires was stale, and recommended that you change it? "We'll send you a free bucket of fresh air for your tires! Just pay $50 for shipping!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Once again if isn't broken don't fix it. Let me give you an example: I updated with driver detective a audio driver which after I boot up I was forced to delete otherwise my audio card would not work. If it working fine, just let it be. 0 Gravity
  • The only time I ever update drivers is if there is a problem or if system is really outdated say 3-4 yrs and you begin to notice things just not working the why they use too and you have tryed every thing else. The only one I have found that seems to work well and not install spyware, and it is FREE, it finds what is out of date and then finds new drivers, makes restore point if you wish so that you can change if you don't like what driver does. Then you choose which ones to download. I found software at Go this software will find them and update them for you all for free, just click on the red download button (start free download free version) 1.18 MB is the size of file just choose where you would like to save it too. (You may also need this file Microsoft NET Framework 2.0)

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