• Yes. If they want to start a nuclear war. Should Iran strike at Israel's nuclear sites first? Even the former Israeli PM let slip that Israel has nuclear weapons. All the spin in the world won't change that.
    • Army Veteran
      I hate to break this to you but Israel's nuclear weapons have been public knowledge since at least 1963. One of the things that got JFK killed was that he demanded Israel let weapons inspectors inside the Dimona plant - and they repeatedly refused.
  • No. That would cause a lot of fallout, and pulling Iran into the equation would be the tipping point in countries beginning to embargo America, I feel. Also, those sites can still be used to make reactors instead of warheads. We're at war with the outlaws of the world, not with the citizens of it.
  • Neither one should strike Iran's or any other country's nuclear sites. To answer the question - What if Iran attacked the US or Israel? Great question, for sure. IMO, Iran won't attack the US because 1) Iran doesn't want to be an even bigger pariah on the world scene than they already are. 2) They also don't want to be turned into the world's biggest parking lot. 3) Admittedly, I know little about Iran's nuke weapons capabilities, but logistically, how would they carry out a nuclear attack against the US, even if they could and wanted to? What would be the point? Realistically, whatever they gained would be dwarfed a thousandfold by what they'd lose. Against Israel - Ever wonder why the nation of Israel still exists after 60+ years? I do. After all, it's a small country land-wise, with only 8 million people, sitting in the midst of one of the world's most volatile regions, bordered on 3 sides by rather unfriendly countries - Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Along with obvious reasons (strong military and powerful allies), there's also the "common enemy" factor. Israel serves a very real, albeit generally unacknowledged, purpose in that region. As long as the radicals are united in hatred for Israel, the Middle East remains semi-stable. The Iranian government is no doubt aware of the consequences should they attack Israel.
  • At the appropriate time, yes. No rational person or nation could be 'comfortable' or could pemit such awesome power in the hands of such 'wackos'. EX.: Hitler & other desperate fanatics would not hesitate to use'm, & not merely as a mere threat.
  • United Nations wouldn't agree with it and would deem it Genocide.
  • No, should Iran (once they have the capability) attack the USA & Israel's nuclear sites!
  • If they do, then ANY action taken against the aggressor, including biological, chemical or nuclear attacks, would be entirely justified.
  • or the other side - what if Iran attacks us or Israel?
  • Nononononono for the love of all that is holy no.
  • For the preservation of our superiority in nuclear warfare, no stance implied.
  • The US should, but maybe not yet.
  • No. The U.S. has mollycoddled and supported Israel for decades, ever since they occupied the land. We hand them cash and weapons, and they use them to attack their neighbors even more aggressively and to acquire even more land. They never fail to describe the conflicts as "defensive." Israelis whine constantly that they are helpless "victims," and gullible Americans keep swallowing it. They have played the victim card ever since the Holocaust. A powerful and well-financed Israeli lobby continues to convince the U.S. president and Congress to overlook Israeli terrorism and continue handing huge amounts of cash and our deadliest weapons to the Israeli government. We give them everything they demand. The reason we were attacked on 9-11-2001 was (and is) our unconditional support for Israeli terrorism. If we (the U.S.) help Israel attack Iran we can expect far more devastating attacks from outraged Islamic terrorists for many years to come. Is it worth it? I don't think so.
  • Why.Its hyprocritical to attack nuclear power sites and that is while they are untill such time proven otherwise and still allow over countries to posses theres and some of those have weapon capabilitys.
  • Once Iran get a Nuclear Bomb, first chance or provocation, they will Nuke Israel and U.S.A. I say Nuke Iran before that crazy guy in charge get's he's bombs. Unfortunaltely innocent people will die, but it's either them or us.
  • At first I said no, but now I change my mind and yes lets blow up that storage and just let it blow Iran off the face of the earth. Blow it and use it against them before they can use it against any other country. The same with North Korea. Blow it up in their own country before they can use it.
  • If it is clear that Iran's nuclear facilities can be used for military purposes, then yes. Allowing the Iranian leadership access to nuclear weapons would amount to gross negligence on the part of Western governments - should those weapons ever be used against the West (or any of its allies)we would only have ourselves to blame. Destroy them while we have the chance.
  • I don't think it could be justified on any basis. The fallout would be inhumane and indiscriminate, making any, yes, ANY, reaction from the Arab world justified. It's not gonna happen anyway, it's all more BS from the oil thirsty West to justify an invasion in 5 or 10 years time, once the Iraqi oil runs out. WMDs, invade, don't find them 'cos they weren't there, stay anyway, take the oil, anyone else getting deja vu?
  • Yes. Anti-Semitism.
  • joint strike show the world niether one of us would put up with it
  • No, Israel and the US should keep their nukes to themselves or perhaps, if their asses are itching so much, they should do the whole world a big favor and nuke each other. I'm sure a whole lot of people ain't gonna care!
  • I don't know what do think about Iran and Iranians. But as an Iranian girl, who lives in Iran and know a lot about it, I must say that Iran Nuclear Activities are really peaceful. Actually this political game between Iran,U.S.A & Israel is not going to take attack form. U.S.A & Israel better know that attacking Iran will lead them to a worst defeat in Middle East. actually we hate our governors but there's a fear of another revolution. cause Iranians don't wanna experience another carnage. but I don't like the medias over the sea, broadcasting wrong things about Iran. I'm sick and tired of lies and rumors about my home. I'm sick and tired of hearing here and there that they say Iranians and Muslims are terrorists. we are not! finally I apologize you if I had grammatical mistakes, for my English is poor.
  • No way, what a crazy idea that would be for the world. To kill all those innocent people. I would imagine North Korea is a bigger threat and I would not nuke them either. It is the Government not the people.
  • No. Iran is having TEMPORARY gov't problems. What would have happened if Russia had launched on us because Reagan said 'we launch in 15 minutes'? The whole POINT of nukes is deterrence. I'd think having Israel and Iran with similar technologies would actually be stabilizing.
  • Neither one of them. They are both armed with it with no intention of getting rid of it. If you were Iranian, wouldn't you like to be able to defend yourself. If Israel and the US get rid of their nuclear power, then I would support them but not until then! A European's opinion! :)
  • the Saudis may do it
  • Israel is doing a fine job screwing with their nuclear program. There's no need for us to get directly involved. (I mean: we can provide things like satellite data. Israel is much more...eager to take action).
  • they have been for the last 12 years. Who wrote the stuxnet virus? Do you think that is an honourable thing to do?

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