• Fried cheese curds for one the Iowa State Fair. Cup of chocolate cookies, there too...pork chop on a stick...there too!
  • The one and only: poutine
  • I really can't complain about any kettle corn or funnel cake that I've had...anywhere. But, I think my most favorite was a very simple bowl of thinly sliced apples, with warm, creamy caramel and freshly chopped nuts on top. It was at a stand in St. Charles, MO during their Oktoberfest weekend.
  • Once in Baja Cali we stopped at a street taco stand......OMG.....yummy little tacos...we scarfed.....they were cheap and yummy and gave us something to wash down with beer...
  • I was at a baseball game years ago. I do not remember who was playing or where it was. I know it was up north and they sold a polish sausage corn-dog. It was fashioned like a regular corn-dog with the exception if was polish sausage dipped in melted cheese and dipped in corn-meal batter and deep fried. Never seen them sold after that ever but was glad I got to try them and they were amazingly good.
  • I love the honey and brown sugar pecans, ive found two places i love the most, one place in London and a place in Gatlinburg, TN :3
  • The first Chicago-style hot dog I ever had was from a hot dog stand. They are very good! Don't remember where it was, could have been in Chicago, but I doubt it. I have a favorite Greek restaurant that I always eat at when I'm in Chicago.
  • turkey legs
  • It opened up my world. I was 14 and it was at our annual High School Carnival...what I had was chili with shredded cheese and chopped onions. It was the very first time I ever tasted chili and I was transported to another world! :)
  • Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches at our local state fair, get one every year and they are delicious! :)
  • I had the best hot dog ever at some random hot dog stand when I was in college. It probably wasn't the best, but it was a great memory with someone I really love.
  • Pork Chop Stick at the Iowa State Fair... Not to be missed... Some like the Fried Twinkies-personally, I wouldn't touch ANY twinkie, no matter the reviews..

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