• Maybe you don't really want to get married or you might be a little tougher to please. It could be anything. Maybe the idea hasn't exactly hit you yet.
  • There's nothing WRONG with you. You might just be the type of girl who is more excited about her actual marriage than just the wedding day. Also, you may find that you just need to get closer to the day to get excited.
  • There's nothing wrong with you. It means you have healthy outside interests and you don't need to be attached to a man in order to feel worthwhile. Don't let other people try to wear you down or deride you for not being interested in the trappings of a wedding. If you do decide to marry, it's the marriage that counts, not the ceremony.
  • wait til the day! I couldn't care less until that very morning! I was terrified, Couldn't wait til the pressies tho
  • I was never as "gung ho" about my wedding as some girls are. We had a nice wedding and reception, but it was not the focal point of my life. I did not have to have everything just "so" and perfect. I would have been happy to elope .. but my family wanted to have the big party. I was excited about getting married, but not so much about the actual "event"!
  • Do you mean...Something like you aren't acting like a "Bridezilla"? Or you just aren't as excited as others seem to have been?
  • You decided to take it easy and not to get stressed over it. Good for you.
  • First fix the wedding date.All the worries/anxieties/butterflies will then run towards you....
  • Probably too much of preparation doesn't excite you or favour you. Its just enough to start a fortnight before for specific bride preparations.
  • It is nothing wrong with you. You care more for your marriage than for your wedding. Wedding is just for a day whereas marriage is for a lifetime. Your every care and concern is needed to work towards a growing marriage and building the love relationship of your dreams.
  • Subliminal doubt?!
  • Main thing you love your to be Husband. If that is a true statement, not too worry. If it is questionable. You need to talk to somebody quick.
  • Nothing is wrong with that. I don't really care about my wedding day either. I want to get married to my bf one day but weather it's in a lavish hotel lobby or a court room I could care less either way.
  • Well if you are planning a wedding I would expect you to care about it and plan the day you want - whether that is lavish and showy or a simple ceremony with a few close friends. If however you are saying that you are not pining for the day you get married and worrying about whether you will ever find Mr Right - stop worrying that you are worrying! When the time is right and the man is right, I promise you, you will care and you'll be ready to make the commitment to Mr Newhusband!
  • I can't imagine a woman who isn't excited about the very day that she will first lose her virginity! +5...tried...but just learned that I'm out of points for you! :-( [That answer is intended to be your first ROFL of the day, by the way! :-)]
  • I couldn't care less about a wedding. I'm not too big on marriage in general, but I'd rather just sign the forms and let that be it (no vows, reception, etc either; just sign the forms, and that's it if it were possible). I chalk it up to just not being interested in that stuff. Most people that I've spoken with seem to find weddings to be highly overrated and while they may not be as apathetic to the whole experience as I am, there are probably a lot more people who share your views than you may realize; it's just that those who are the most extravagant get the most attention. Take care :)
  • I don't get excited about my wedding either. But I know this is because my parents are divorced and my family doesn't get on so the thought of the plans etc make me stressed out to hell. Just the whole "top table" business is enough to give me a panic attack. I love my S/O. I would love if we could just be married without the having to "get married". The idea of a wedding day just makes me stress that I can't please everyone. So I can't blame you for this. I know someone else who wasn't excited about a wedding day and fortunately her s/o felt the same way so they just did it very low key, privately abroad. Her reasoning was she didn't want to be the centre of attention of a "big day" too much pressure.
  • I didn't care that much for my wedding day, because that is all it is, one day, what follows you hope is a lifetime marriage. On the other hand if you are getting cold feet you might need to really think long and hard about going through with it, it would be worse to marry a person that you are not ready to than to hold of marriage until you are ready. But remember it is only one day, and it doesn't matter if it is perfect or not, it is what follows that is important.
  • I didn't care about it either. I wasn't much on the idea of being queen for a day, I just wanted to commit to my husband. We kept the wedding very small and simple. My mother cooked. We had folding chairs and tables in the church. I got my dress mail order and my husband wore a suit off the rack. That was the way most weddings used to be. I don't understand how they got to be so over-the-top, except that a lot of people have made a lot of money out of it. What people think of as a wedding now is how royalty and nobles and very wealthy people like the Du Pont's and the Rockefeller's used to get married. Average folks used to get married in church and go home for a dinner with the family. You don't have to have a big wedding. It isn't required. I don't think there is anything wrong with you, except that maybe you have good sense and both feet on the ground.
  • I think it's because you have been with your guy for so long, it's just another day.
  • I think you might have things in better perspective,,you have things in line where others don't,,I say,kudos to you!!Have a great wedding and new life with this man!
  • Wrong? I think it's called maturity and perspective. I'm from the southern US, and some of my female relatives approached their wedding days as if that would be the crowning achievement of their lives. (It's not unlike some my male friends from high school who thought being on the football team was going to be the highlight of their lives.) I think you can get overly excited if you think your wedding day is the end of the book -- as opposed to the introduction to the next chapter. (Or the cliffhanger ending before the next book in the series.) It's the smart folks who think about what comes next. Having said that, it's not clear from your question whether this is hypothetical or you're actually heading up to your wedding day. Either way -- whenever that day comes, have an absolutely beautiful, wonderful day and congratulations. If it helps, in my experience, the people who are more focused on what comes next than on the party end up having better marriages over the long haul. But if you keep that in mind, there's nothing wrong with a truly terrific party. :-)
  • Only you can know if not caring about your wedding cake means something may be 'wrong with you' or your relationship, but to toss in my 2 cents' worth, I completely forgot to not only give out our wedding cake at our wedding, but forgot to even cut it! (And my mother-in-law made it, too!) STILL happily married (!) after 20 years! (And my mother-in-law is still talking to me, too...) ':)
  • im in the same boat, planning the wedding but not that into it just because i think there are more important things we could spend so much money on. try to get yourself psyched up, find something in it that tyou are excited about, some planning detail and that will light the path for you
  • Nothing is wrong with you. I didn't care about a big fancy wedding either. We got married in traffic court. We had a big party later that evening, it was a blast. No pressure no stress no headaches!
  • You have a good grasp on reality! It's one day vs the 000s you are yet to enjoy together!
  • My daughter was so excited about beginning their lives together that she really didn't care that much about the wedding itself. No matter what the reason is, there's nothing wrong with your not being excited about the wedding. The important thing is that you are happy to be married to your groom.

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