• When it fills out his jeans well. If naked, when it is lean with a little muscular shelf that you just wanna reach out and grab.
  • One that looks good clothed or not.
  • Well first of all that it fits his jeans right. Also, that it smells one likes a smelly bum! And for every guy out there, you need to know...WE HATE PLUMBERS BUM! I had to say it!
  • im not even gunna lie i love guys asses and im not even gay i just have a sort spot for them ..mmmm....
  • I actually don't judge anyone for the way their buttocks looks.
  • My boyfriend's. It's so cute!
  • Um ... is that a trick question? I mean, I don't notice a guy's butt first. Jeeze. I notice their eyes and hair style. But, that's just me. (' ' )' Guys shouldn't think all girls are that shallow though.
  • A guys intelligence and demeanor speaks more volumes than his looks, it just might take a little more time for him to be noticed by even the most gorgeous girls. But there is something that a nice firm butt does to girls, it awakens unconscious tender likeness girls have for people over a long period of time almost overnight for the guy. They unconsciously notice him, he stands out from the crowd once they notice that feature on him, they begin to want to know more about him. They all of a sudden notice that they are not the only ones who noticed he has a nice butt. Then some sort of competition begins for his attention either consciously or unconsciously. The competition could also just be limited to the girls that have noticed that some girls are drawing towards him. Most of the times, these guys are a little shy easy going and some sort have a lot of girls around them which makes it harder for girls to stake a claim. Guys with shelf butts are usually gentle, caring and affectionate, but manly when they need to be. They get two different types of advancements. One from cute girls and the other from gay guys which in my case i politely turn down. Thx a much but no thanks. I should stop, I feel like I am writing a novel again.
  • well considering I married a cowboy, and nothing nicer than a man in tight jeans thats for sure. Of course nice is the whole package goes together well too.
  • well... i did alot of squat thrusts in high school
  • its all about the pants and the way you fill them out... i personally like skinny guys with a nice hard bubble butt...
  • When you can tell it is firm through his jeans... they don't have to be tight jeans to be able to tell. ;)
  • when all u wanna do is put him over ur lap and spank it
  • im a guy with 33 inch waist and a 42 inch bubble butt
  • im a guy with a 33 inch weist and a 42 inch bubble butt
  • im a guy with a 33 inch weist and 42 inch bubble butt

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