• When I was a kid we ate them all the time. It was never my favorite but I ate it every time it was served b/c I liked it. I can't explain the taste. I only remember it vaguely. I'm going to try to cook this again b/c I had forgot about it.
  • I never ate it so i am too curious to know!
  • I've eaten it once or twice. I don't remember it too well either, I think the problem for Mystery Lady and me may be that the taste is rather nondescript. It is related to the turnip, I believe. I've heard it called yellow turnip, and I think the taste is similar.
  • I have, you don't, you bury far far in the ground as it can go and it taste bitter.. Yuck!
  • I have and I really like it and it goes with almost any meal and is good for you.
  • I like them. Some people refer to them as "yellow turnips". A lot of people don't like them. They are difficult to prepare and have a strong earthy flavor and they are fibrous. You can find recipes on Internet cooking sites.
  • I have eaten it, but I really didn't like it, My dad on the other hand just could not pass up the Pie, don't know how they cooked it though, didn't much like egg plant either, But my grand dad could cook it every way you could think of every one raved about it But I still don't care for it .. ~Nemo~
  • Love it! I peel it then cube and boil in salted water. After it is fork tender I mash it like potatoes, I add butter, half and half, some pepper and a little garlic powder. We usually only have it on Thanksgiving.
  • peel in quarter or slice..slow boil it with bacon bits salt..and pepper for flavor....Good source for the thyroid, immume system...better for you than white potatoes and red meats...I eat it and you can too..develop taste for it if cooked to a soft peak.. Trouble with people fast foods has been number # 1 problem with weight gain and feeling sluggish.. Thyroid problems develops without good proper vegetables...intake! These little vegetables been put on the back burners for years and been forgotton with this generation .. Main reason people dropping dead with sickness, doctors are masking problems with pills . Consider this as a fact! No theory
  • I think I've had it before in a pie. A friend made it for me and some other friends too. It tastes kinda like a weird strawberry.
  • I've eaten Rutabaga. They don't taste very good by themselves, but they add a lot of flavor to soups and stews. Just throw some in a pot with your favorite soup/stew ingredients and cook all day until everything is good and tender.
  • The way I grew up eating it would not be good for a vegetarian or vegan, it was pealed deiced and bowled like potatoes then my parents added some potatoes and they put chopped bacon and bacon grease in it…salt and pepper…. It was actually really tasty. +5
  • In UK its called swede.Can be roasted like potatoes but is generally peeled. (easier to peel if cut in thick slices then peel the slices.) Cook in water or steam it. can be cooked in microwave. (less water then) Takes as long as potatoes. Drain really well then mash with butter and pepper. Tastes peppery.even without pepper but pepper brings out the flavour more.
  • I've never tasted it and don't want to either! LOL +5
  • I have never eaten it Cooked or in a pie..but I have ate it raw. with a dash of salt.

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