• Because Hollywood has a long standing tradition of being able to do whatever they want
  • Children are not allowed to work in most workplaces, but child actors can work under very strict conditions regarding hours of work and provisions for their safety and education.
  • The producers pay for the permit. Permit that allows the child to work at a certain number of hours.
  • A very controlled, structured environment. Permits / License/ waivers… it’s not easy to get them to that point.
  • Cos they arent proper people....child actors are grown in laboratorys and programmed to be particularly loud and annoying. They are also programmed to meltdown as they hit adulthood - which is why as adults they all sit around on barstools in various bars across the world, drinking whisky and saying 'i used to be famous you know - i was in those films about mad nannies/rubbish parents/lost pets treking across canada' to anyone foolish enuff to listen. Then they die, probably of an overdose or something, usually in public and usually in a not-at-all-pretty way. Other than that they are great Mind you, you'd think that in this enlightened age we would ban child actor farming wouldnt you, but i dont think anyone really cares enuff.
  • Their parents have to be on the set then there is a whole list of conditions that must me met starting with a work permit, then someone from child services is brought on board to make sure the child is working only the hours the laws say they should be working, they must also have education so a teacher is also on set and a few hours a day is dedicated to teaching the child and a host of other demands but I think you get the idea...At a normal job these requirements cannot be met cause an employer will not pay to make sure these demands are met thus children cannot work in a normal work place... Of course if you live in India or any other third world country, there are plenty of underage children working, of course they are more like slaves with very little choice in the matter...
  • Great question, Betta. I dont think they should be allowed to. As with any law there are exceptions, I think it all comes down to what Greedy People want, they want children in the shows so it is more realistic or funny, so they change the laws to fit that. For example in Missouri the law is: Need: proof of age, written parental consent and written statement of employer stating nature and duration of job. Waivers of time and hour restrictions may be issued by the director of the division of labor standards.
  • Actually its not labor, child labor is forbidden!

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