• Absolutely! They should be labeled "historical fiction". With that said, I thought he showed talent in his early works, before he wanted to become political. The screenplay for "Conan" was his, and he did a good job on "Any Given Sunday". Other than that, I'm lukewarm on his work.
  • Most movies distort history.
  • I think it is hard to not stretch the truth to some extent when you are creating a drama film. It is just the nature of the beast.
  • Which movie? I thought 'Born on the 4th of July' depicted vets against the Vietnam War and what was happening between the generations in the U.S. at that time very well (and Stone did serve in Vietnam). I also thought 'JFK' was excellent for the time it was made. There has been a lot of new information about the assasination since that time. And I recently watched 'W' which I didn't think went deep enough or far enough, but if there had been anything in it that Stone couldn't defend, you can bet that the Bush family would have seen that it was tied up in litigation forever.
  • I think Oliver Stone did way to much Coke back in the day because almost all his movies are distorted; they all have a similar senario of serealism involving a life and death moment, something he experienced over in Vietnam, he described it as that moment you walk into a room or say the wrong thing and you realize they may or may not kill you, its that uncomfortable silence during this, Ive seen it in almost all his films, from Scarface on down; Im fine with that message but not over and over again. and were he gets his facts is a mistery in itself.

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