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  • Depends. Could mean that he is finally out of the closet.
  • I am not sure this is the answer but from reading the question and rereading the question I came up with the conclusion that, SHE IS LEAVING YOU FOR ANOTHER MAN! LOL +5
  • it over for you and her
  • ... Do you really have to ask this? Obviously this person has no interest in being with you and you should not waste your time trying to win them over, because they will not be loyal to you anyway.
  • They want to know if you take sugar in your tea.
  • umm.....she (whoever said this) hates you. and she's leaving you to be with another man....=/ sorry to hear that. =(
  • Free at last, and, you didn't have to kill her. A win-win solution if I ever heard of one.
  • I think you can safely say it's over.............
  • Translation= I'm a bitch and a cheat and I have no understanding of commitment. I only wanted you for your money!!
  • you are history....
  • Look at it one of two ways: One could look at this in total dismay or Look on the bright side.......Thank god the ba*tard is out of here now I can spread my wings and FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY :o) Either way I wish you well!!!
  • It means she's sparing you the humiliation of leaving you for a woman.
  • Maybe it means "I'm a controlling bitch. Let me have my way or get out."
  • That you are being left for someone else. uyou are bding kicked to the corve.
  • Think it's mean she must really dislike you cause she want to hurt you by saying you weren't good enough she found a better one... =( Sorry, cheen up!
  • either she really means it, or, she wants you to get your act together and go kiss her ass and apologise, like a warning. either or.
  • That is trying to change you with hateful words ...or...that she is just a beeeeeyoooootch. ...or shes been cheating on you, hates you...and shes leaving you for another man....either way You shouldnt be togather...find somebody else. (what a c***)
  • She wants you to chase after her as soon as she says that and do whatever she wants. A control tactic.
  • In the grand game of Trying To Translate Womanspeak™, this is one of the more difficult idioms -- it's meaning is entirely context-dependent. If she's just started a particularly unpleasant period, it means "Please baby me and be extra concerned and helpful for the next 7 days". If she's watching The Simpsons, and has just finished arguing with you about the precise meaning of something Bart said, this is her way of saying "You're wrong, but I love you anyway". If she's doing the laundry and you've ONCE AGAIN left coins in your pants and they've rattled around in the washer and gotten caught in the pump and caused it to back up and flow onto the laundryroom floor, it means "you're going to be doing your own laundry from now on". Finally, if you've been fighting for weeks or months about any and everything, and the struggle has left you both exhausted, it means she's leaving you for another man. As soon as she figures out who he is.
  • I am not sure, but I suspect it could indicate that there is a teeny weeny problem within the relationship. I have only once had the second part of that sentence said to me - and I pointed out that the statement was ridiculous, as to say that he was leaving me for another man was implying that I was also a man (checking birth certificate, nope - I am female). So, after a little consideration, he changed his statement to: I'm leaving you for a man. And he did!
  • The same thing as 'Your job is to take out the trash. If you cannot perform this simple function, I will divorce you and marry someone else who can.' It's really way too complex for the average lay person to understand.
  • it means she is sooo in love with you and is dying to have hot monkey anal sex with you. She just trying to hide it by fooling around on you and leaving you. You wait by that door, lube in hand! She will be back!
  • Well I think she means lets get married and have kids, a house with a white picket fence, WTF do you think she means, it's plane English. your not what she wants so she found someone who is. I hate questions that are like this. Hey maybe you can tell me what I mean when I say I don't like questions like this. what do I mean by this ? you dumb shit I'd leave you too.
  • I think the translation to Truth-speak is this: "I cheated on you, and I hate myself for doing it. So I will project my self-hatred on to you, and then leave so that I don't have to deal honestly with my own failings".
  • It's your opening line for a response of "Don't let the door hit ya in the ass!" Happiness. FINALLY! +5
  • It means you have to get your own beer now.
  • It means she really loves you, and wants to have your babies!
  • shes been cheating!! or hes coming out of the closet and has been cheating
  • That pretty much covers it. A relationship is or is about to be over.
  • She wants to break it off with you.
  • well....its all in the sentance. shes leaving you cause she wants someone else.

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