• I hope so
  • The new Stargate will be called Universe, not Voyager (but it has some plot similarities with Star Trek Voyager). As for the nudity, I doubt it, but anything's possible.
  • I have heard that there is another film on the way but i certainly don't think it would have that content!! I think that Stargate has too much intregrity in its self to demean its self in this way!
  • The new movie is called Stargate: Extinction, out sometime late this year. Based on Atlantis. Another movie is planned for 2010, currently called Project Terza. Based on SG-1. And Stargate: Universe is scheduled to be out this October. I saw the trailer, it does have the plot like Voyager as being lost in space, but I imagine it will be more than funny plot lines and boring themes. I bet it will be pretty intense. Look at the cast, you'll know what I mean.

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